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10 Steps & Immune boosters to Ward Off Corona Virus

Here are my 10 tips on how to build up your immune system and ward off the Coronavirus and any other virus, for that matter! Let’s face it-- there are things a lot worse than the Coronavirus. We can fight this! The media only wants you to know what they want you to know, and right now that’s how many people are dying or ill. They haven’t spread the news that people are also surviving this virus. The truth is, we are surrounded by disease and really contagious things everyday! We just don’t know it, so we d[...]

​A Gratitude Attitude

A Gratitude Attitude

Thank you!  Those are 2 of my favorite words (my favorite one word is smile).  How many times have you said them today? If someone has shown you compassion and kindness, thank them.  Of course, you can wait; take that person to lunch 'sometime next week,' but how about a quick text or e-mail this afternoon telling them how much you appreciate the kindness? How about saying thank you to the person that held the door open for you, or a mom on the playground that always lends a helping hand. To show gratitude is to[...]


Dear Senator Sweeney

​​Dear Senator Sweeney ​Dear Senator Sweeney,Yesterday, I was amongst the people standing outside, protesting for our religious rights. Not only was I one of the thousands of people amongst the crowd, I was one of the leaders that organized the relief efforts outside.You went on the news last night, and declared you were going to “war” with the American people, so I wanted to write you a little note in response. I need to remind you that we the people, are the reason why you are in office. We the people[...]

Mindfulness Practice Benefits Mind, Body, and Soul

Mindfulness Practice Benefits Mind, Body, and Soul

Mindfulness Practice Benefits Mind, Body, and Soul The concept of mindfulness has been getting a lot of attention recently. The data is in and more and more people are turning to mindfulness practices as a way to de-stress, reduce pain, temper emotions, and to generally be more accepting of what’s happening in their lives. Mindfulness teaches us to recognize moments in our lives that are invitations to pause and breathe; to respond instead of react; to sit and be present with whatever is causing us stress or[...]

Banish Burnout with Breathwork

Banish Burnout with Breathwork It’s no secret that the frenetic pace of daily life, the demands of balancing work and family, and the constant barrage of news alerts popping up on our phones, tablets, and other devices can be detrimental to our health and well-being. It seems like our society has become addicted to being busy and, as a result, more and more people are developing symptoms of burnout. Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged periods of extreme str[...]

Why Self-Awareness is an Essential Tool for Personal Growth

Why Self-Awareness is an Essential Tool for Personal Growth

Why Self-Awareness is an Essential Tool for Personal GrowthHow well do you know yourself? It might seem like an odd question, but each one of us has a narrative about who we are and how we appear to other people. Think about your personal narrative for a moment. Can you say that this appraisal of yourself is true? The ability to be truthful and objective about who we are, is an essential life skill. No matter what goals you’ve set for yourself, self-awareness is the starting point. If you don’t have an honest p[...]