Living the life of your dreams takes active intention, manifestation and GRATITUDE. You are the author of your life and you are co-creating every minute of every day.


About The Author

She manifested her soul mate, her dream career, her perfect family, true deep friendships and opportunities galore!

Your words matter. Your thoughts matter. You can think and speak your dream life into reality, and Shilamida is living breathing proof! 

Welcome to 62 Days of Transformation & Gratitude! From the best-selling author of 31 Days of Gratitude, by Shilamida. 

Shilamida lived a life in victim mode. Growing up in an immigrant family with a limited belief programming that led her to a life she didn’t want to live. After a lot of prayer and begging of the Universe to give her a break, she got it! In the form of Gratitude! 

31 Days of Gratitude was released in 2017 and it took the reader through a 31 day process to help shift, expand and help create the life they wanted to live. From there, the readers wanted more and so she created 62 Days of Transformation and Gratitude! 

A next level journal that will help you go deeper into your own healing journey and space for you to create magic! 

Shilamida is a Transformation and Lifestyle Mentor that helps women change their limited belief thinking into "Anything is Possible" thinking. She gives hope, faith and evidence to a life that you’ll dream of living. What magic can we create together? Open the pages here and let’s find out!

62 Days Of Transformation & Gratitude


My name is Shilamida (Chill with a Sh-ill-ahh-mee-dah) I love to smile, make people laugh and celebrate life. I have lived quite the life and the stories I share are inspiring and motivating! If you vibe with me then, we can create magic together!

Professionally I have been an entrepreneur since I was 21 years old. Owning 9 companies and 3 MLM. I am a three time best selling personal development author!

During the week you will find me hosting my radio show, standing for Freedom, rocking the skincare and non-toxic lifestyle game, or teaching spirituality and kickass leadership trainings to my people.


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