Shilamida desired to become an author for as long as she can remember. The funny thing was, she didn't love to write, but she knew she had stories to tell.The problem, by 27 years old (in 2007), Shilamida found herself obese, broke and a struggling single mom. Who was going to listen to her stories? Forget about buying her book. So she engulfed herself in spiritual learning and personal development. She committed to living life as the best version of herself, which was hard and trying, considering the mess of a life that she created. However, deep down inside she knew there was more! She knew she was destined for a magnificent life, and so she put into practice all the things she learned and there was one common denominator.


About The Author

GRATITUDE! Gratitude was the theme of all the things she was studying. Every great master, teacher, philosophy talks about gratitude. So she applied it to her life and the rest is history. Shilamida wrote and published her first best seller in 2017, 31 Days of Gratitude - Create the Life You Desire. Followed by her second best seller, From Food Stamps to First Class, a self help auto biography of her life and her third book, a children's book called I am grateful for my life. She now brings to you, 62 Days of Transformation and Gratitude! A next level journal that will not only help the reader to manifest, but to manifest in the Quantum field and time. If you are ready, let's dive in!

62 Days Of Transformation & Gratitude


My name is Shilamida (Chill with a Sh-ill-ahh-mee-dah) I love to smile, make people laugh and celebrate life. I have lived quite the life and the stories I share are inspiring and motivating! If you vibe with me then, we can create magic together!

Professionally I have been an entrepreneur since I was 21 years old. Owning 9 companies and 3 MLM. I am a three time best selling personal development author!

During the week you will find me hosting my radio show, standing for Freedom, rocking the skincare and non-toxic lifestyle game, or teaching spirituality and kickass leadership trainings to my people.


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