How did you spend your 365 days? 2017 Year in Review .

If you follow me on Facebook, you know my mantra the last few days has been 2018 is going to be the best year of my life! This is the same mantra that I said as we were approaching 2017, and I can totally say, 2017 has been the best year of my life!

Here is my year in review…
And before I begin, I want to remind you that 7 years ago, I was a single mom, living on food stamps, putting myself through school. I share with you my achievements, because I also share with you all the tools that you need to create the life that you desire to live! Anything you see me doing, you can do too!

We started off the New Year pretty quiet, I don’t even think I made it to midnight, because we got back from our family vacation from Turks and Caicos on New Years Eve.

2 weeks later we were off to Las Vegas where I got to sit front row for Brittney Spears! One of my greatest manifestation stories, coming soon to this blog! When we returned to Jersey, I welcomed the Chinese New Year by throwing a Grand Opening for my new Acupuncture Healing Space in Park Ridge, NJ.

Throughout 2017, I traveled to Antigua, Sunny Isles, FL, Disney, Bahamas, Golden Beach, FL, New Hampshire, Kalahari, Thomasville, MA with my kids… Costa Rica, Turks & Caicos, Mohegan Sun with my lover and Fort Meyers, FL, Los Angeles, CA, and Canyon Ranch, NJ by myself for business development.

I saw Dead & Company, U2, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, Garth Brooks & Tina McBride, Vanilla Ice, Brett Michaels live in concert, with some of the best seats I’ve ever sat in and we can’t forget that I scored tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway with a tour on stage, under stage and backstage after! And of course this football season I made it to two Giants games.

I went to, sponsored, and even held my own charity event. Collectively I was a part of and donated thousands of dollars to many great causes including Meals on Wheels, Sunset 2 Sunrise, and Bethenny Frankels BStrong initiative through Delivering Good.

I hired a speaking coach, a business coach, a content marketing coach… I started seeing a spiritual therapist, a new acupuncturist, a breakthrough therapist and practiced lots of self care and love throughout the year!

I wrote and published a book in 6 months time! And… it went to #1 Best Seller in multiple categories on Amazon!!!

I met one of my greatest spiritual teachers, Deepak Chopra, which was beyond amazing! I also met Mark Wahlberg, Christie Brinkley, Bethenny Frankel, Charlie Sheen, Steve Wozniak, Bret Michaels, Mel Gibson, George Ross and got to spend time with some of the wealthiest most successful people in the world.

I started a new business called Grateful Guidance, LLC.

I attended Continued Education Classes for Acupuncture.

I performed 1187 Acupuncture Treatments, helping 6 babies come into this world and helping so many people come off meds, change their mindsets and heal their bodies.

In the midst of all of this… I got to be at all my kids school functions, birthday parties etc and so on!

We all start off the year with the same amount of time, with the same amount of days and with the same amount of opportunities. It is up to us to write the story of how those days are going to be! As you can see 2017 was amazing for me. It was everything I had dreamed of and so much more! That’s because I show up to every day trying to be the best human being that I can be!

I have made mistakes, I sometimes didn’t use the right words, but every experience that I had has been a lesson that I have been able to grow and learn from.

Are you ready to create a year like this?
Are you willing to do what it takes?
Are you excited about learning how?

Copy of Cream Doodle Mathematics Classroom Poster (2)

I have 4 more spots left for my online class this January, Monday nights at 8:30pm starting January 8.
Will I see you there?


I am grateful for the year I had
I am grateful for the year to come
I am grateful for my entire life
I am grateful for every smile
I am grateful for every hug
I am grateful for every tear
I am grateful for growth
I am grateful for excitement
I am grateful for fun
I am grateful for everything life has to offer
I am grateful my dreams and desires become reality

How did you spend your 365 days 2017 Year in Reviewblog meme

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Today I had an amazing breakthrough therapy session. The lovely Sacha Horvach, from Breakthrough Solutions helped me to uncover where my rage and anger comes from. For those of you who are new to my life, you don’t really know that side of me, but there is a lot of anger trapped within.


Sacha took me back to an experience that happened when I was 8 years old, and guided me while I helped the 8 year old Shilamida cope with what had happened. I cried, but I felt safe and supported. As an 8 year old little girl I wrote a story about myself that said I was not trustworthy and I deserved betrayal because of something that had happened which is very far from the truth.


I have such immense gratitude for this breakthrough. My goal for 2018  is to strengthen all of my weaknesses. It is a huge part of your spiritual journey when you can take a look within and see where your shortcomings are and make the commitment to make them better. I have really taken inventory of myself, and want to be the best version of me that I can.


I am grateful for people like Sacha, that have the tools and skills to help those of us that are wounded. We are all wounded. Whether the wounds are big or small, we all have had things in our childhood moments that have molded us into the people we are today.


We can choose to change those at any moment!


Join me this January in Create the Life You Desire. I will teach you everything that I know. Ways to heal yourself and look to the future of what we want, instead of living in the past.

Copy of Cream Doodle Mathematics Classroom Poster (2)

I have room for 4 more. Will I be seeing you this January?


I am grateful for healing, I am grateful for breakthroughs, I am grateful for healers, I am grateful I am aware, I am grateful I am conscious, I am grateful I can change, I am grateful I am the best version of me!

Breakthroughs blog meme

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Starting a Business; Can anyone do it? How can Gratitude help?

When I was 21 years old, I decided it was time for me to get into a business. I went to one of those home parties and ended up as a PartyLite consultant. I loved it and didn’t love it. MLM companies are really great to work for. They teach you high level manifesting. It was the very first time that I heard about The Law of Attraction. It gave me an understanding of running my own business and a confidence level of being able to get to the top, like so many before me.

Later that year, an opportunity fell into my lap because of a candle display that I had out at the gym I was working in part time. I ended up opening my first brick and mortar called The Occasional Favor, where I sold invitations, favors, and bridal accessories. I loved owning my own business, but it wasn’t easy. When you have so much freedom in time, it’s hard to motivate.

I went on to own Extravagant Events, another MLM Tastefully Simple, Balanced Soul Bodyworkers, Peace Love Produce and Grateful Guidance. Opening a business is way easier than you think. Being successful is a whole other story.

Honing in on the practice of Gratitude can help you to achieve anything you want! Whether it is motivation, ideas, new customers, products etc… Having a gratitude practice can help you get there!

A few weeks ago, I went to an event called Mega Success, and got to hear some of the best A-list celebrities and multi-millionaires speak. It was incredible listening to everyone’s individual stories, and how they became successful.

start your business blog meme.png

Tonight, you can join me live on Facebook at 9pm in my group, to hear me talk about owning a business and I will share the advice that I received from Gene Simmons and other celebrities.

For help in the gratitude department check out my book/journal “31 Days of Gratitude-Create The Life You Desire” now available on Amazon in print and Kindle. 

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Coaches, Advisors, Healers… Who’s guiding you?

coaches blog meme

This year has been a year of firsts for me. At the age of 38, it’s not always so easy to realize that we need to reach out for help. Because I am an acupuncturist I have always been open to healing modalities. I pride not going to doctors at all… But I never realized I needed more.
Back in November of 2016, I went to a workshop called Movers and Shakers. It was a workshop to learn how to become a motivational speaker and as a contest you had to submit a video and you would be coached by Hay House Publishing. I jumped on the opportunity and stepped outside of my comfort zone, and made my first youtube video. I wanted coaching so bad from Hay House. This was a dream of mine, to be a Hay House author, so why not get coached by the best?
Unfortunately, that contest I did not win, but it set the wheels in motion for me and started me into a life I couldn’t even imagine. In April of 2017, I went to a workshop called Mega Speaker and hired my first coach, JT Foxx. I didn’t even realize that I needed a coach, but I am sure glad I figured it out! After I hired JT, I was sent a speaking coach, Jim Allino to help me develop my signature speech. I signed up for Gabrielle Bernstein’s Master class so that I could have a spirit junkie coach. Then I hired a content marketing coach and just recently I hired an HR coach.
On top of all the coaches I also started seeing a spiritual therapist, a physical therapist and making sure I made it to my own Acupuncture treatments regularly!
Some of you reading this may think I’m nuts, and that’s ok. But I have weaknesses in my mind and in my body and I am striving to help as many people as I can before I leave this earth. How can I help others if I can’t help myself first? Every coach, every healer is there to help me strengthen a weakness within me and to help make me the best version of me!
I am excited to share everything I learn and hope that this inspires you to get out and ask for help! Be aware of what’s holding you back and seek out a way to make it better!

I am grateful for coaches
I am grateful for healers
I am grateful for awareness
I am grateful for growth
I am grateful I am the best version of me
I am grateful for strength
I am grateful I am supported
I am grateful for financial resources to pay for anything I need
I am grateful for the abundance of the Universe
I am grateful I believe in myself
I am grateful I am worthy
I am grateful I deserve it!

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A Night Of Gratitude

a night of gratitude blog meme.png

Wow! Just wow! What a night!

Celebration, connections, healing, food, music, fun! So grateful that all of this was because of my book 31 Days of Gratitude – Create the Life You Desire.

As busy as I was that night, every time I turned around I saw smiles, laughter or healing. It was the greatest energy that one roof could handle. I am beyond grateful for everyone that made that night happen. From my staff, to my sponsors, to my guests. My heart is full of so much love and gratitude for all!

A big big thank you to my money sponsors. Between your donations and merchandise/book sales we raised over $10,000 for Bethenny Frankels BStrong initiative through Delivering Good. What an honor to be a part of such a great amount of money earned.

Thank you to our donors:

A big big thank you to my event sponsors,

The healing, the entertainment, the decor, wow, wow, wow!! Such talent, such love….

And of course to all the swag bag sponsors. So much great stuff in a cute little bag!! I love a great goody bag and because of you, we were able to provide that!

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The Season of Giving & Thanks

Giving thanks blog meme

Ah, how nice was Thanksgiving Day, when all the facebook posts were full of Gratitude? Love, appreciation, and all good things, even if we don’t mean it! And that is exactly where we are supposed to be every day! The lesson is that, on Thanksgiving we muster up some Gratitude because that’s what we are supposed to do, now we need to bring that into our everyday life!

When we are Grateful every single day, we create an energy of positivity, and by the Law of Attraction, what we put out is what we get in return. If we are in a constant state of positivity and then we Manifest (we are Grateful for stuff that we want, as though we already have it), that’s when magic happens! Every thought that we are putting out there is attracting stuff into our lives. So if you are living a crappy existence, it is because that is the frequency of energy that you are putting out. If you are not consciously being Grateful in a given day, most likely your negative thoughts are outweighing your positive thoughts because you get annoyed while in traffic, your kids frustrate you, your co-workers are complaining etc and so on. When you are consciously being grateful, at least 20 times a day, your positivity is outweighing your negativity and you will be attracting more positive in your life.

Giving; ’tis the season where someone asks you to buy a toy, or Santa’s shaking a can and you feel the need to give. Giving should be something that you do all year long. When we give, we receive. The more we give, the more we receive. When you are given the opportunity to share, and we don’t take it we are telling the Universe, I can’t afford it, or that’s not worth it and then what do you attract? More opportunities of not being able to afford.

Anytime you are presented with an opportunity to give and share take it! Even if it is $1, taking an extra minute when you are in a rush to hold a door open for someone, or smiling at a register, calling the register employee by their name. These are all opportunities of sharing. The Universe never gives us more than we can handle. So if it means giving up your Starbucks coffee to say yes to a charity, do it! You will be able to buy 10 more Starbucks coffees if you start honing in on this mentality.

I have decided to take this time and use my book launch party into a way of sharing, by turning it into a charity event. At this stage in the game, I have a platform and I work with a lot of people every single day. I figured instead of having a party with free food and booze, let me take this opportunity to charge a price at the door and donate the money to a great cause!

I am very proud and honored to be working with Bethenny Frankel’s BStrong initiative through Delivering Good Inc to raise money for women and family in crisis. To date we have already raised over $8,000! My goal is to raise $18,000 by the time we are done and I need your help to do it!

You can come to the event which is taking place this Tuesday November 28, 2017. 50% of your ticket will be donated straight to the charity, you can sponsor the event and your business name or product can be featured at the event or you can make a donation! Any amount counts, because it all adds up!

invite flyer pic v3

Will you let this opportunity of sharing pass you by? Or will you give, so that you too can receive? Either way I wish you well and filling you with love & blessings!

I am grateful for opportunities to share, I am grateful I am giving and receiving, I am grateful for the generosity that surrounds me, I am grateful that I am supported, I am grateful for this honor, I am grateful I am an author, I am grateful my words are helping others, I am grateful I inspire, I am grateful I will help other create the life they desire, I am grateful for every moment that has led me to now. I am grateful for my life!

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Taking Chances

Taking Chances blog meme

Life is all about taking chances. Stepping out of your comfort zone is where you will grow and LIVE. If you stay in your everyday, that’s just what it will be. There will be no excitement, no fulfillment, just routine, mundane everyday life.

I write this as I sit on an airplane heading to California to an event called Mega Success. Back in April I took a chance. I had an event of my own scheduled on April 18. It was the first one I was doing at my office, but I was unsure. Unsure of what to talk about, unsure of how to price it, unsure if anyone would show up.

2 weeks prior to the event, my aunt tagged me in an ad on Facebook for a Mega Speaker event on April 18. It was a free event in NYC. I went home that night and told my partner that I wanted to cancel my event and go. He tried to talk me out of it. Told me I already scheduled mine. What would I really learn. I said if I go and learn one thing I am already ahead of the game. So I went with my gut, and I postponed my event until the following week.

I headed into the city that morning, having no clue what was in store. It was one of the best days for my career! The value of this free event was priceless. I learned more in that one day about becoming a motivational speaker, and a best selling author than I had in all the time I have been heading on this path.

Of course the free event came with a price tag. One that I would’ve never ever paid if the offer was made to me in a different way. But I felt connected to the speakers, I felt connected to the message and I needed guidance on my path. So I took a chance. I called my partner and asked him if he believed in me. Explained that I was totally being sold, but if I got more than what I got in my free day I would be so ahead of the game.

I left that event and I had a fire under me. I was ready. I was ready to fulfill all of my dreams. I decided I wanted to write a journal. A book that the reader could use as a space to manifest their every desire, the way that I started, but with guidance. Guidance in verbiage, and thought. Guidance through spiritual laws and encouragement. I wanted to be a best seller. I wanted my message to reach the world and change it for the better.

23756163_10156852034142306_975333900_n (2)

In less than 2 months time, I finished my book. I went to the first event to my coach’s house, an event that I purchased at the free event, and there I met an angel named Nate. He told me that if I wanted to self publish, it was pretty easy to do so through Amazon. So I left there with a call to action. I did the research, I bought the package and on October 27, 2017, my book 31 Days of Gratitude – Create the Life you Desire was released onto Amazon and on November 3, 2017 I made it to the Best Seller list!

23825676_10156852034352306_495496283_o (2)

All because I took a chance. All because I quieted the outside noise and the opinions of others, even the one person who has my back completely and chose to follow my gut, and go for it! Here I am! Excited to share my message with the world and in love with all the happiness and joy this book will bring to the readers. Stay tuned to see what I am doing in California!

To see the bonus pages on manifesting love, money and you life’s purpose, check it out here


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Disney Magic and Gratitude Magic

Diney magic blog meme.png

I am a true believer that there are no coincidences, so why should my trip to Disney be any different? A few weeks ago, I realized I had a business trip scheduled for the same weekend as my middle guy’s 4th birthday. I am a huge believer in celebrating life and making big deals out of birthdays, so when the realization hit me that I would not be around, it made me feel so bad! And what could make that mom guilt a thousand times worse? Knowing that my business trip was at the Disneyland hotel in California!

I begged my lover to come with me and bring the kids, but I understood that he did not want to fly all the way to California with 2 toddlers and a 10 year old, to have me occupied for the entire weekend. So I decided that I was going to take a little mini vacay during teacher convention weekend. My plan was to head down to Fort Lauderdale and catch a couple of pool and beach days in with the family. When my lover informed me that he could not go, I decided to re-route my trip to Orlando and take the kids on a Disney cruise.

On the way to Disney, the morning of, I had a pretty emotional day due to some reactive behavior that caused a lot of turmoil in one of my social media groups. It made me feel doubt , sadness and anxiety. I just released my book, 31 Days of Gratitude a week ago and it seemed as though the haters came out with it. By the time I got to Florida, I felt better as a lot of people rallied for me and came to my defense. On the Disney cruise, all the messages and signs were so clear.

Walt Disney is so inspiring! Every show was about believing in yourself and believing in magic! I BELIEVE! I really do. I feel that we are all instilled with the power of magic if we believe. I believe that we all can create miracles and live the life we desire! I needed this time to disconnect, a little, and go back to the magic of being a kid in a Disney setting!

I am grateful for time away! I am grateful for bonding time with my kids. I am grateful for magic. I am grateful I believe. I am grateful the Universe always provides for me. I am grateful I have been given these tools. I am grateful I am supported. I am grateful for true friendships, I am grateful for those who have my back! I am grateful that everything passes by. I am grateful that I don’t react. I am grateful that I know better. I am grateful that I inspire!

If you are looking to change your life, create the life you desire, check out my new book by signing up on the website, you will get an automatic download to the bonus pages on manifesting love, your life’s purpose/career and money.

Believe! Believe that you deserve to be happy! Believe that you are supposed to have anything you want. Believe that you can change it all any moment! I believed and here, from single mom on food stamps to typing this blog in first class with my kids!      


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Disney’s Animal Kingdom

It’s not often you get the opportunity to sweep away for the weekend and head down to Disney, but a few weeks ago I decided I needed some much needed quality time with my kids and it happened to be Jersey week in Disney, so away we went!

Because we booked our trip so close, there were barely any rooms available. I ended up getting the very last room at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We arrived at the hotel late in the evening. It was SO cool. Very straight out of Africa for sure! There was a lady in the lobby, playing a bongo drum and entertaining the littles.

We checked in and were led up to the 6th floor, which was concierge access. There was a whole station with different desserts available for us to enjoy. When we got to the room, I was a little less impressed. There was 1 queen bed and bunk beds for 5 of us. The hotel quickly brought us up a cot, but the quarters were tight. The beds were super uncomfortable, but we were going to make the most of it. If you are looking for a 5 star experience, the Lodge is not it. However, the Suites may be a different story. 

23600329_10214443588665515_539311108_o (2).jpg

When we woke up in the morning, we faced out into the Savannah where the animals roamed. We opened the door and there was jungle music playing and people were already out and about. We headed to the concierge level where there was a nice continental breakfast set up. They were accommodating to our gluten free/dairy diet as they had bagels, muffins and donuts in the back.

After breakfast we headed down to the pool. Even though the hotel was sold out, you wouldn’t have known it at the pool. There was a water slide that my kids loved and life vests for the littles, which is good to know for next time. We hung out by the pool for a while then took a walk around, we saw giraffes, donkeys, and zebra! We were told there was a playground and a spray park for the kids so we headed over to Kidani Village for some more fun. The slide there was bigger and more fun. The kids had a blast! We ate lunch at Kidani Village. They had gluten free/dairy free options and it wasn’t your typical amusement park food, which was nice!

23601001_10214443591385583_1619283715_o (2)

When we returned to the room there were all kinds of animals outside our room just roaming around. Very fun to see! While the little guys napped, my oldest and I went and hung out on the concierge level. They were playing a movie on the big screen and cartoons on the smaller tv. At 5 o’clock they had a light fare dinner set up that we got to snack on.

When the kids woke up, we took a free shuttle down to Disney Springs. It’s been quite some time since I was there and has changed so much. We did not have a dinner reservation, so we headed over to TRex first and put our name on the list. It was a 15-20 minute wait so we headed over to the “Build a Dinosaur” area where for $45 you got to pick a dinosaur or bear, stuff it, a heart beat or sound, a smell and a complete outfit. If you didn’t want the extras, the dinosaurs started at $22-$24. That killed the time while we waited.

TRex was very cool, just like Rainforest Café, but with dinosaurs. Every 20 minutes a meteor shower would happen and everything would come to life.  The chef came out to take our order to accommodate our dietary restrictions. The food was your typical fast food restaurant type, nothing special, and the wait time was long, so be prepared. My little guys were starving by the time we ate.

At the end of the night we headed back to the hotel and packed our stuff. We had to have bags outside at 8am, so that we could head over to the Disney Dream cruise! Stay tuned for part 2 of our Disney vacation!

23601061_10214443589345532_468652262_o (2).jpg

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Giving Back

One of the biggest lessons I learned in the whole process of spiritual growth is giving. When we give we receive. Every single time! It was a hard lesson to learn at first, especially when the financial struggle was so real, however finances don’t always need to be the way to give. The rule of thumb should always be 10% of your salary should go. This way you get to choose, otherwise the Universe will choose for you and then crazy things happen like your pipes bursting, flat tires etc…

23319371_10214385419251316_5539472653524390289_n (2).jpg

Last year at Christmas time I was looking for an opportunity to share. In years prior, when I started making money, I adopted a family for Christmas, but I never got to see where that money went as it was a state organized program. At the end of November I got a new patient into my practice with a heart of gold. She was a teacher and every time she came she would tell me about her students and ask if I had hand me downs from my older kids that I could pass along.

An idea popped into my mind… What if I used my platform and organized a drive where these kids could get a wish list of 3 items and I would do my best to fulfill those wishes. Well a beautiful thing happened… everyone’s wishes were fulfilled! With the help of Taylor Keenan, from and her husband Ryan, we got everything from tablets, to shop-rite gift cards, bikes, clothes, blankets, make up, drones… Riviera Produce gave us a truck and we were able to deliver everything!

The day of we arrived at the school, I got to bring my 9 year old and the Keenan’s, we brought food and we surprised the heck out of these kids. Most were immigrants, they were blown away. I spoke about kindness and giving back. I told them my wish was that they would all grow up to be successful and remember this moment and give back and share more! It was a really beautiful day!

I love to celebrate life! I think everyday we are here is a gift and everything should be done with spirit and enthusiasm. When I was getting ready to release my book 31 Days of Gratitude – Create the Life you Desire, I thought what better way to celebrate than putting my two favorite things together… a PARTY & GIVING BACK!

So the Charity Book Launch came to life, and you are all invited to join me and my team to celebrate my life’s work while raising my goal of $18,000 for women in crisis. I remember the days of my struggles all too well, and now is my time to help as many people as I can to live a better way of life.

invite flyer pic v2

At the launch you will be greeted onto a red carpet where you will enjoy taking photos with friends and me of course! There will be live music, door prizes, raffle prizes, all kinds of healing modalities, swag to purchase, and of course we can’t forget delicious food from Bibiz in Westwood and cocktails, of course! This is one event of mine you surely do not want to miss! Here’s your chance to give. 50% of your ticket goes directly to charity, 100% of sponsorship money goes directly to charity. 10% of book sales goes to charity and a percentage of all the swag, plus all of our healers are donating their time so all donations are going to charity! Let me know your coming by leaving a note here so I know to look for you!

For bonus pages of my book go sign up at For event details and donations visit

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