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Are You Being Guided?

It’s super important to understand that the universe has your back. You have to trust that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be! Even if life feels like you’re not, you are. You have to believe in the process! You have to believe that things are going to happen the way that you want them […]

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Give to Receive

You have to give in order to receive. We tend to live in a state of “What am I getting?” That’s how most people are living. You go to work and you get a paycheck. You are in a relationship and you get love. We’re always looking to receive, but we don’t give enough. The […]

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When Is The Best Time To Manifest?

The best time to manifest is anytime. Some people like to wake up their day and start first thing in the morning. For example, “I’m grateful I’m alive, I’m grateful I started this day, I’m grateful that this day is going to be great.” That’s one of the best ways to do it. Also, the […]

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How to Manifest in 60 Seconds.

You can manifest within minutes, or it may take years. True manifestation for me took many, many years. Little things happened right away. Little things happened all the time right away. When you focus in your energy, you’re positive, grateful and you believe it, it’s going to happen. In my early years when I was […]

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The Voices in Our Heads

Are you ready to Create the Life You Desire? Comment YES and sign up at www.31daysofgratitudebook.com!     This week the recurring theme coming up for me is Perception. How we react and respond to things based on our perception of what is happening. The little voices in our heads telling us things as we think they […]

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Homemade Hand Sanitizer Gel

There is no need to purchase hand sanitizer that has  awful chemicals and who-knows-what harmful ingredients in it when you can easily make it yourself with some essential oils! For this natural hand sanitizer gel you only need a few ingredients and you can get many of them right from my office! (Email me to […]

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