Worry is Wasteful

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There is so much going on in the world right now that a lot of people are experiencing a lot of unnecessary worry. I mean I can’t really blame them. People in Puerto Rico and the smaller islands affected by the hurricanes, the people of Mexico affected by the earthquake, the people in Vegas… Let’s not forget about all of the suffering in the world that already has been without all the added natural disasters and tragedy.

A patient of mine asked me today, “Why is all this craziness happening since the eclipse?” Is it from the eclipse? I am not sure, to be honest. Could it be from the moon and the sun energy? Sure, it really could be anything.

I think a lot of the universal energy is stemming from all of the suffering. If we really want to take a step back, all this negativity started for us in the US during the election. So much hate, so much nastiness… that being returned in the form of hurricanes, earthquakes and shootings makes more sense to me than the eclipse.

So what do we do? Do we live in fear? Do we worry about every single thing that might go wrong from this point forward? No, we don’t. We don’t because whatever we think, we create. When we worry about the unknown, we are feeding energy to the unknown. When we think about what might be, that’s where we are focusing our attention, we back that focus by the feeling of fear and then by the Law of Attraction we are attracting fear. A very viscous cycle.

Worry is wasteful. It is a wasteful use of energy if you are trying to manifest anything good. Making up scenarios in your mind is only creating that scenario. Do you understand this concept?

Let me give you an example that I think everyone can relate to. Have you ever thought of a friend. Thought how much you loved them or missed them and all of a sudden your phone rings and that person is calling you. You put your attention and focus into that person and the love that you felt summoned them to call you. That is the same thing that we are doing with worry. When you watch a murder mystery and someone breaks into a house and then you worry about a robbery, chances are you are going to get robbed. It is the Law. It is a reality. Because we are all made up of energy. Everything is made up of energy. We are all connected on an energetic level.

Leave the worry behind. Start living in the now. Be grateful instead. Whenever the voices in your head start making things up, change around the energy and start being grateful. You are alive right now. No matter what you are living through… LIVE. Don’t let worry overcome you. There is no guarantee that you will get to live tomorrow. If you are worried about the unknown you are not focusing on your future. If you focus on your future, great things will happen.

Sending you love, light, peace, healing and anything else you may need.

I am grateful for trust, I am grateful for energy, I am grateful for peace, I am grateful for calm, I am grateful for strength, I am grateful for happy thoughts, I am grateful for rainbows, I am grateful for harmony, I am grateful for balance, I am grateful for universal calm, I am grateful for good weather, I am grateful for safety.

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