When Is The Best Time To Manifest?

The best time to manifest is anytime. Some people like to wake up their day and start first thing in the morning. For example, “I’m grateful I’m alive, I’m grateful I started this day, I’m grateful that this day is going to be great.” That’s one of the best ways to do it.

Also, the night before it’s good to set your intention for the next day. Such as, “I’m grateful tomorrow’s gonna be an amazing day, I’m grateful, everybody I talk to on the phone is going to be kind and loving, I’m grateful that every person that I encounter smiles at me, I’m grateful that any business deal I want to make is going to close the way that I want it to.” You set your intention and you make your intention happen for the next day! Then you start your day with. “today is going to be an amazing day. I am full of life, I am vibrant, I am alive, I am happy, I am confident, I am going to take on the world…” and you just bring it into your every day.

Also, this is important if I feel like my day is not going as planned. I like to tell myself that it’s only a bad moment, not a bad day.

That’s what you really need to focus in on.

Don’t allow those things to become “big things” that take over your whole day. Like last week, I left my office to go to Pilates. I had 10 minutes to get there and I was driving a tad bit fast. I got pulled over and knew I was at wrong. The officer pulls me over and says, “I pulled you over because you were going kind of fast.” I said, “I know, I’m really sorry. I was trying to get to Pilates.” He asked me for my license and registration. I opened up my wallet and my license was not in there because that morning I had switched my bag and I forgot to take my license out. He said to me, “Well can I see your registration?” I said, “Sure, it just happens to be right here,” so I pulled it out, I gave it to him, and the car is not registered under my name. I happen to have a different last name than my partner and then he says to me, “Well, can I see your insurance card?” He’s like, “You must be having one of those days.” I looked at him and I said, “No. Actually, I’m just having one of those moments.” Because the day was really great up until that moment.

I look at my insurance card and it was definitely expired. I’m like, “Oh my god. I’m about to get a ticket.” I said, “You know what officer? I live right around the corner. I can go get my license, I can go get my insurance card, I can go get everything for you.” He said to me, “You know what? Just slow down and have a really nice day.” I got out of it! I was shocked that I got out of it, but it was because I wasn’t going to own that statement. I wasn’t going to have a “really bad day.” It was just a really bad moment.

If he gave me that ticket, I would have said thank you because in that moment it taught me I need to slow down, take my time and I need to not be in such a rush. If I got the ticket then it meant that I wasn’t giving enough. When things happen, it’s because you’re not giving enough. The universe is giving you this opportunity to give. If you get that ticket or you get that flat tire or a hole goes through your roof, freaky things happen all the time.

For some of you reading this, these are concepts and methods that you’re just hearing about. Manifesting isn’t going to happen overnight for you, this is years and years in the making for me. If you knew me 10 years ago, I was an angry, negative complainer and I could find everything wrong in every situation. Now, I can find everything right in every situation. You can change, and you will change if that’s truly what you want. Just stick to it! There is no right or wrong.

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