The Season of Giving & Thanks

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Ah, how nice was Thanksgiving Day, when all the facebook posts were full of Gratitude? Love, appreciation, and all good things, even if we don’t mean it! And that is exactly where we are supposed to be every day! The lesson is that, on Thanksgiving we muster up some Gratitude because that’s what we are supposed to do, now we need to bring that into our everyday life!

When we are Grateful every single day, we create an energy of positivity, and by the Law of Attraction, what we put out is what we get in return. If we are in a constant state of positivity and then we Manifest (we are Grateful for stuff that we want, as though we already have it), that’s when magic happens! Every thought that we are putting out there is attracting stuff into our lives. So if you are living a crappy existence, it is because that is the frequency of energy that you are putting out. If you are not consciously being Grateful in a given day, most likely your negative thoughts are outweighing your positive thoughts because you get annoyed while in traffic, your kids frustrate you, your co-workers are complaining etc and so on. When you are consciously being grateful, at least 20 times a day, your positivity is outweighing your negativity and you will be attracting more positive in your life.

Giving; ’tis the season where someone asks you to buy a toy, or Santa’s shaking a can and you feel the need to give. Giving should be something that you do all year long. When we give, we receive. The more we give, the more we receive. When you are given the opportunity to share, and we don’t take it we are telling the Universe, I can’t afford it, or that’s not worth it and then what do you attract? More opportunities of not being able to afford.

Anytime you are presented with an opportunity to give and share take it! Even if it is $1, taking an extra minute when you are in a rush to hold a door open for someone, or smiling at a register, calling the register employee by their name. These are all opportunities of sharing. The Universe never gives us more than we can handle. So if it means giving up your Starbucks coffee to say yes to a charity, do it! You will be able to buy 10 more Starbucks coffees if you start honing in on this mentality.

I have decided to take this time and use my book launch party into a way of sharing, by turning it into a charity event. At this stage in the game, I have a platform and I work with a lot of people every single day. I figured instead of having a party with free food and booze, let me take this opportunity to charge a price at the door and donate the money to a great cause!

I am very proud and honored to be working with Bethenny Frankel’s BStrong initiative through Delivering Good Inc to raise money for women and family in crisis. To date we have already raised over $8,000! My goal is to raise $18,000 by the time we are done and I need your help to do it!

You can come to the event which is taking place this Tuesday November 28, 2017. 50% of your ticket will be donated straight to the charity, you can sponsor the event and your business name or product can be featured at the event or you can make a donation! Any amount counts, because it all adds up!

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Will you let this opportunity of sharing pass you by? Or will you give, so that you too can receive? Either way I wish you well and filling you with love & blessings!

I am grateful for opportunities to share, I am grateful I am giving and receiving, I am grateful for the generosity that surrounds me, I am grateful that I am supported, I am grateful for this honor, I am grateful I am an author, I am grateful my words are helping others, I am grateful I inspire, I am grateful I will help other create the life they desire, I am grateful for every moment that has led me to now. I am grateful for my life!

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