The Power of Gratitude in Children

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When I first started being grateful, I had a really hard time with the practice of it. I wasn’t a writer so journaling didn’t come that easy for me (ironic that I am now an author releasing my journal next month!). I was a single mom and desperately wanted to change around my mindset. So I started a habit of being grateful with my son.

At night as I was tucking him into bed we would be grateful. When you teach a child a habit, that creates time together they will stick to it, especially if it delays the process of bedtime. On the nights that I had him we would be grateful and we did this for years!

First we would be grateful for what we had, and then I would add in things that I wanted (was manifesting). He would question me when I was grateful for our pool, or my walk in closet, “but mama, you don’t have those things.” It would open up a conversation about the Law of Attraction and manifesting and soon, he too started manifesting.

My favorite story of Mikey’s manifestations, is when we were manifesting our first house. We had gotten back from vacation at his grandmother’s house and she had a ping pong table in her basement so he started being grateful for our own ping pong table and for a double oven so that he could reach and cook in his own oven.

Wouldn’t you know it our very first house that we moved into came with a ping pong table!!! And a double oven!!! I mean we can call it a coincidence, but how many houses do you know that get rented out with ping pong tables?

Once we moved into our house and added additional family members, our nightly routine was lost. It affected me greatly. I didn’t realize how much at first. I just thought I was running into hard times, but the reality was I was running into hard times because I had stopped being grateful every day! It took me a very long time to realize this.

Last week we had a super emotionally charged weekend in my house. I decided that’s it, we are all being grateful together! My 3 year old was kicking and screaming how he did not want to participate. I asked who wanted to go first and he replied “not me!”. I said “ok mommy will go first.” and so I started. I was grateful for our family, our life, I was grateful for fun, I named all of our family members one by one, he finally cut me off and said “it’s my turn.”

My 3 year old turned into a 38 year old man in front of my eyes. He started with, “I am grateful for vacation, I am grateful when we are together as a family, I am grateful for swimming, I am grateful for Thomasland, I am grateful I wake up tomorrow morning!!!” He went on for about 5 minutes. Naming everything that had happened in his life in the last 3 years. It was AMAZING! We were all blown away! My heart was so full of love.

The shift in energy was incredible and profound. What a gift to share with my children, but how hard it is to find the time where we are all together to be grateful. It’s an excuse for sure, but life isn’t what it was when I was a single mom to one little boy. I need to remind myself of the importance, and what a service I will be doing to my children by enforcing this habit within them.

Do you have kids? Try this exercise with them. You will be happy you did, I promise!

I am grateful for gratitude, I am grateful for power, I am grateful for control, I am grateful for spiritual tools, I am grateful for my children, I am grateful that they teach me, I am grateful they keep me on track, I am grateful for the opportunity to grow, I am grateful for sharing, I am grateful for love and I am grateful for life.

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