Bella L.

I met Shilamida when I was deep into IVF. It was a long, grueling and very expensive time for me as each cycle had failed and left me sick with worry and no money! I was willing to try anything. In walks a friend who Shilamida had helped and got pregnant. She mentioned gluten free and dairy free and it happens so did my clinic. I didn’t believe at first but was willing after fighting it to try. Took about 6 months of dairy free, gluten free and Acupuncture once a week and some weeks more to finally get my miracle! Shilamida gave me all the necessary tools and encouragement to keep going and but you have to put the work in. She made house calls after a painful surgery and really showed compassion. There were many tears and frustrations but she always answered her texts and helped as much as she could in all areas of my life and still does. It wasn’t easy and it was work but the rewards coming everyday are worth it! For anyone who is skeptical I was too but not anymore!

Ida M.

The universe is miraculous! EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN OUR LIVES IS THERE FOR A REASON! Shilamida has been treating me for acupuncture and challenging me to be the best version of myself for years before she ever treated me. She is first class and a genuinely grateful person, that just rubs on you! I love her to death and can say confidently that she is a great person for acupuncture, to challenge you to be better, for life lessons, for inspiration and gratitude. Thank you Shil!

Suzanne S.

Shilamida supports me in living a healthy life, not only physically, but mentally as well. She is always there to give me a pep talk, or to encourage me to stay positive. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in trying acupuncture. You will not believe the results!

Natalia T.

Shilamida is one wonderful woman, who affected my life and keeps changing it every day. I am grateful to have met her and to be her patient. I came to her one year ago totally broken following my miscarriage. I was depressed and stressed. Now I am sitting here, nine months pregnant with my baby, in hopes that acupuncture will do one more miracle in my life– bring my baby son to me. Every day I start my day with what Shilamida teaches you– to be grateful. This woman not only heals and supports you, but she inspires you to be better everyday. I am grateful for Shilamida.

Jodi D.

Shil offers encouragement, love and positivity to everyone around her. She’s the best!

Michelle S.

Shilamida is fantastic, I cannot say enough good things about this woman, she is amazing!! She listens to your issues and she is able to fix them, whether it is lack of sleep or pain or need of energy, or being sick, she makes it all better! She touches you, and with her fingers and some pressure, she knows what has been bothering you before you even tell her! She has a way with needles where she places them and you can actually feel your body go into a totally state of relaxation and sink into the table. Again, I can’t recommend her enough!

Heather S.

Shil is the best of the best. She has helped me tremendously with my back problems. I have highly recommend her to many people. She is a wonderful, positive spiritual person.


I started seeing Shilamida for fertility issues. Within a few visits, I noticed a decrease in my anxiety and stress overall. Even better, I was pregnant after a few visits. Not only has this been a positive process for my initial issues, but has helped me relax and be more hopeful about the future.


I have been a patient for approximately 6 months and I have already experienced an improved quality of life. Shil is not only a gifted acupuncturist, but an outstanding listener and advisor.