For most of my adolescence and early adulthood I was overweight.  At my highest weight I was 255. I came from a Russian culture, where growing up I hated eating the same foods week in and week out. Once I had a little bit of freedom, McDonald’s, pizza, bagels and gummy bears became staple meals for me, topped off with any kind of cookie and chocolate. Once I hit college I learned all about macaroni and cheese, and hamburger helper. Food was a very bad friend to me.

It wasn’t until acupuncture school that I learned the real importance of fruit and vegetables. I never really understood the fact that these foods come from the Earth and are full of that Qi energy we work with when performing acupuncture. The sooner the food is picked and eaten, the stronger that force of energy is.  When we are always eating cooked or packaged goods we are not getting that vital source of energy that we need in order to survive. It took a lot of training to change my eating habits.

The other thing I learned about in acupuncture school was the danger of gluten and dairy to the system. The inflammation that it causes, and physical and emotional response is mindblowing. You would be surprised at how much havoc consuming these items are having on your system. If a diet change is what you need or what you are interested in, we will discuss this in further detail.  

Vitamin deficiencies are also a big factor in your overall health and wellbeing.  We will look at the signs and symptoms you are having, and see if there may be any vitamin that will help balance your system and create harmony from within.

I treat myself and my family entirely holistically, using no medications at all. I can teach you what to do so that you can take control over yours and your family’s health. I will help you build an arsenal of vitamins and homeopathic remedies so that next time someone has an ache, pain or fever you’ll be the one playing doctor, and healing them naturally.


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