This is my truest passion! The ability to help and inspire others is something that I have longed for and worked towards for the last 12 years of my life. My gratitude coaching is a compilation of all the spiritual learnings and healings that I have completed in my life, bundled together to help you with yours.

Group Gratitude Guidance Sessions

My Group Gratitude Guidance Sessions are for the person who is ready to change their life. They are ready to create the life that they desire by actively learning to be grateful and manifest their desires.

GGG Sessions are held as a 4 week package (90 minute sessions once a week).  At the GGG sessions I will begin with a 30 minute group teaching topic, and then we will move into 10 minute one-on-one Gratitude sessions.  Finally we will share gratitude affirmations of the week and experience a shared healing practice.

If you are interested in joining me for Group Gratitude Guidance Sessions contact me now! 


We will be updating this section in the next few weeks with events, workshops and coaching packages.

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