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Are You Ready To Become The Best Version Of You​? ​I can help you! Here is my membership program that gives you daily, weekly, monthly and yearly guidance! There is no other membership out there like this one.

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Hi Shil i just wanted to say thank you for everything but most importantly thank you for the membership it is the best $18 i spend each month. I love waking up to gratitude each morning in my inbox it really starts my day in such a good place! The love notes on Wednesday are also amazing and so inspirational!! I also love the coaching calls in between our coaching sessions it really helps me to keep on track and headed towards my goals ... and best of all speak with like minded people that are all just trying to be the best version of themselves! Thank you again without you i would have never had the push to get as far as i have the past 2 years!!! Xoxo ​Tiffany S.​​
Shilamida’s Gratitude on the Daily membership continues to be an eye-opening approach to my daily life. Receiving the daily dose of gratitude email every day truly sets the positive tone for my day. It serves as a great reminder that even if chaos is swirling around you, we always have numerous things to be grateful for. An added bonus is provided as well to get your gratitude attitude pumping. Thank you Shilamida with immense joy, love and gratitude. ​Donna McDine ​​​Reiki Master and Award-winning Children’s Author

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So whether you are a beginner to spirituality or a seasoned vet, this membership is for you! If you need a shift in mindset, a positive outlook, a reminder to be the best version of you, the membership will not disappoint. ​

By getting this daily reminder to be grateful, and actually opening up the emails, you start your spiritual practice first thing in the am. If you do this daily, you will manifest your every desire, and I will be there right beside you cheering you on! But remember, you have to open the emails, read the lessons, feel the affirmations and add your own gratitude.


  • ​Daily Gratitude Reminder E-Mail
  • ​A Weekly Love Note From Shilamida
  • ​Monthly Guided Meditation
  • ​Monthly Video Blog Spiritual Lesson
  • ​4 Live Calls A Year From Shilamida
  • ​A Supportive Community
  • ​Exclusive Discounts To Programs, Retreats & Merchandise
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