Quiet the Outside Noise. What does that even mean?

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In response to the recent happenings in our country, I was prompted to blog about quieting the noise. I couldn’t even tell you the details of what exactly just happened in the US because I made a vow to myself many years ago, to quiet the noise around me and to stop watching and engaging in anything that is negative.

The number one thing I did, was stop watching the news! That’s right. I used to live in a great state of fear and anxiety. I don’t even know why. What I do know is everytime I watched the news it prompted my mind to over think. Let’s face it, the news never reports anything positive. Out of a 60 minute program, you may get 1 or 2 positive uplifting stories and the weather. The rest of it is murder, corruption, politics, nonsense… It was a really hard realization for me to make that this was not helping my emotional state, but I grew up in a household that watched the news daily so I was programmed to it.

Let’s not forget about the commercials that get played during the news too. All pharmaceutical ads selling the next over the counter med that is so safe until you look into the small print that says a percentage of people may die or have major complications. Enter horror emoji here!

It wasn’t until recently that I learned that all news channels are funded by Big Pharma. News is a paid program by a billion dollar company that uses brainwashing tactics. They drive fear into us which then causes most people to get side effects such as headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression which are then cured by prescription or over the counter drugs. Do you see the connection? I never did. I didn’t see the connection until my brain was clear from this stuff.

I also stopped watching all of my favorite detective shows, America’s Most Wanted, any drama’s, movies etc that made my imagination go wild.

You see by the Law of Attraction what we focus our energy on is what we attract. If I spent an hour a day watching the news and an hour watching a detective show, right there 2 hours of my minds work was focused on bad things. When bad things happen in our country and we decide to share that news on Facebook and engage with others about how bad those things are, we are actually perpetuating the problem.

That’s right. You have now become a part of the problem. Especially if you are pointing your fingers and blaming our political figures or anyone else. We are responsible for ourselves. Our actions and choices are made on our own. Sure we are influenced by our surroundings, our leaders and our mentors but you can’t blame anyone for any bad or wrong doing other than those who have done it. We don’t live in a radical society where our leaders are telling us to go out and do bad things.

Stop perpetuating the problem. Turn off the news, stop reading the paper. Use that time to focus on you and what you want and desire. Take a piece of paper and write down what you are grateful for. Be grateful for peace in this world, be grateful that your neighbors are at peace, send love out into this world. Refrain from making an opinion based on what the news tells you. Remember news channels are funded with a purpose. They don’t show you all sides of the story, only the one they want you to hear.

If it keeps popping up on your Facebook newsfeed, it’s time to unfollow or delete. Social media should be for enjoyment. If it’s making you angry or sad you need to make a change in who you allow to influence your mind. You are only one person, but if you change your thinking you can influence so many to do the same. You can use your platform to help and inspire others instead of spreading hate.

We live in the land of the free. The country of so much opportunity. We should not be living in fear, at all. Everything we need is available to us, if we quiet the noise, open our minds and our hearts. We need to spend more time focusing on what we want and desire instead of judging all the stuff happening around us.

I am grateful for peace, I am grateful for love, I am grateful for calm, I am grateful for equality, I am grateful that hate comes to an end, I am grateful for harmony and balance. I am so very grateful I have quieted the noise around me and have learned to focus on me!

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