In my gratitude I am always asking for signs and messages to help me know if I am on the right path, truth be told I am not always listening. I get clouded by the every day, as I am sure most people can relate. I am also asking and grateful for supportive friends and colleagues to help me on my path.

Recently I have had some issues with hiring and retaining the right staff. For the last 3 years I have always blamed the people that I hire. Must be something wrong with them… until last week. I finally realized that my staff retention rate was probably my karma coming back. You see I had had 30 careers before I turned 30 years old. That means I worked and quit a lot of jobs! Looking back I couldn’t even tell you how I quit those jobs, but if I am quite honest with myself I would say that most likely I did not give 2 weeks notice, and most likely I just didn’t show up to work again. Something I now deeply regret and something that I am very grateful that I realized so that I can heal the past in order to have a better future.

Fast forward to the last several weeks. I decided to go do a past life regression. For anyone aware; any kind of spiritual work like that makes you more connected and open to receiving. After my session I was driving home and had the weirdest feeling in my throat. Almost like a panic attack feeling but as I was driving I reminded myself that I am ok, I am safe, I am protected, I have no reason to feel anxious. Last week it happened again. On Friday I had hired a new assistant for my office, after much prayer and attraction of the right match.

My family was on vacation in New Hampshire, and we rent a boat every year. When we docked the boat and were hanging out, a lady started singing, opera. It was so cool yet so strange. That feeling in my throat came back. Again I had no clue why…

I am sitting in my office this past Friday with my new assistant and we are chatting. I ask her about her past and she tells me she was an opera singer, on tour, when her father passed away. She had stopped her tour and decided to go home to be with her mother and became a teacher. It clicked the connection between the opera singer on the boat and this story, but I still couldn’t make the connection.

Later on that evening, I wanted to find an old outline I had created for the next book I am starting to write; 30 Careers by 30 years Old – You really can be anything you want in this life, in doing this I had actually found a folder of some spiritual work I had done back in 2009 with the Americana Leadership College.

In this folder there were profiles on my spiritual guides. If you are not aware, we all come into this world with our own personal spirit guides. We choose them specifically to come into this world with us based on what they did in their last life, and how they could help us with our purpose in this life. They communicate with us when we get the chills. Now that you are reading this, it will start happening to you, so pay attention! Well I remembered in that moment that one of my guides touched my throat, so I quickly turned the page to see what it meant…


I GASPED, so loudly my boyfriend got scared. He asked “what’s wrong”? I replied, “you will never believe this!” So I remind him of the opera singer, tell him my story for the day then read my profile.

My first guide was an opera singer/teacher in her last life!!!!!!!! She touches me on the throat when she is sending me a message and I brought her into this life with me Focus my energy, project with commitment and confidence, laugh! Free to be and enjoy life!

Wow!!! How cool is that? If you are a non-believer, I get it. I used to be too and all I have to say to that is open up and believe! I wish I knew sooner, I wish I made the change, I wish I was listening… Life doesn’t need to be as hard as we make it. Life can get easier.

It starts by making the commitment to being the best you, that you can be all of the time. Open yourself up to receiving and be willing to put in the work.

The rest will follow suit!

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