Manifesting – What does it mean? How long does it take?

Yesterday I read a post from someone who said that all of her manifestations over the last 18 months have come true. That is amazing! For me the journey took longer. I can say anything I have manifested over the last 18 months is coming true faster than ever, but my initial manifesting took years!

First lets start with the definition of manifesting. The term manifesting is used to materialize our desires, goals and dreams that take form in our minds. It is a way of empowering us to take charge of our lives. Whatever we put into our focus is what we will manifest. It is called the Law of Attraction. The law says that like attracts like. So whatever we put out there we will get in return. This rings true for all positive and negative. So if you are a big user of sarcasm, which I used to be, you are putting that energy out there. If you self sabotage in a joking manner, it is the energy that you are putting out there. If you are always gossiping, don’t be surprised if people are always gossiping about you! Make sense?

In order to have control over your mind and your thoughts to attract only the things you desire, you require a practice of gratitude. When you are grateful for what you have in your life at this moment, you are summoning the feelings of like and love within you. Every time you say the words “I am grateful” you ignite this feeling inside your belly… like when you meet someone for the first time that you fall in love or lust with and you have those feelings of butterflies inside of you…

When you are in that state of gratitude and you are able to find 20 things a day to be grateful for, anything that comes after, the things that you desire, if you are grateful for them as well, as though you already have them, you set the wheels in motion for the universe to return those things to you! This is a practice. It doesn’t happen overnight. But the sooner you grasp it, the faster you will see your life shift.

For me when I learned about this gratitude stuff, I was in such a bad place in my life. I was a single mom, broke, in a bad relationship. It took a lot to get out of the negative. A daily practice felt impossible at times, but I had nothing to lose at that point, so I made it a point to do it. I started a journal, I started being grateful with my son every night before bed… these last few weeks I even created a journal; 31 Days of GratitudeCreate your Desires that will be on a bookshelf near you by the end of this year!

The key is to be consistent. Don’t stop. Whenever you can remember, be grateful. Change the negative thought into gratitude. Whenever you stop, your life will go on a roller coaster ride. Here is my best example…

For years I manifested owning a house. I was grateful and grateful and last year we finally bought a house. In the interim of packing up the house, having small babies, working etc etc, I stopped being grateful. Not consciously or on purpose, I just let life get in the way. We got the keys to our new house and hired a contractor to quickly renovate our master bathroom before we moved in.

That 2 week renovation turned into a 3 month nightmare. We hired a con- man, whose crew broke through the ceiling of the first floor and fell into the den of the main floor. He took money from us and disappeared. That 3 month period was one of the hardest things I have ever lived through. It tore at my relationship, put unnecessary stress on my family, and I decided to play the victim, until the day I woke up and realized all this happened because, I had stopped being grateful! That was it, in one moment it all made sense. I was grateful for years for the house. I was grateful all the way up until the closing and then I had stopped.

As soon as I made that realization, I had made a vow to myself to never ever go a day without being grateful and that’s exactly what I have done! About 8 months later I was standing in my kitchen completely blown away because all of my manifestations were coming true! All of the stuff that I was grateful for all those years ago were all coming true, faster than ever!

I am sitting here writing this blog blown away. I never wanted to be a blogger, this was not in my thinking but it is a part of my journey. It is another way to get my messages out and to help as many people as I can. Everyone has this power. You should be grateful right now for reading this! You right now have more knowledge and power than most people walking this planet. Use it, share it and enjoy life!​

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