Love to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, one of my favorite places to fall in love, bring my family to, do business with (well at least for my lover and I get to tag along). The beaches, the food, Old San Juan… so much beauty, so much history…

My very first time in Puerto Rico, I was 5 years old.  For years I did not return until I met my lover. On our 31st day together he flew me to San Juan where we stayed at the Ritz Carlton. What a beautiful place to be. Such luxury, gorgeous ocean views. We had a date night at Il Mulino. Fine dining is an understatement.

My favorite part of Puerto Rico is the shopping in downtown. The Coach outlet is one of the best I’ve ever seen, and mama loves herself a new coach bag! The beauty of Old San Juan is just incredible. The cobblestoned roads, the history within the buildings. The taste of mofongo is probably my favorite. From this little hole in the wall right near the airport.

I’ve returned several times staying at the Hilton Caribe, the Marriott, and the Dorado Beach Ritz Carlton. All beautiful and functional depending on what you are looking for and the budget that you want to spend.

All of this beauty destroyed in a heart beat. Sadness, destruction, death. The impact of Hurricane Maria has done massive amounts of damage. My heart is breaking for the destruction and the suffering that the people are going through. How is it that containers of relief are there to help but there is not enough man power to distribute? How do we come together to help these poor people?

We do what we can and right now all I know how to do is collect and distribute. I have a sorority sister that has spent years living in Puerto Rico as her husband is in the Coast Guard. We are collaborating in the best way possible to get money to Puerto Rico and St. Croix where she currently resides. The money will be used towards an orphanage and the Boys and Girls Club.  Please go to the link below and donate, anything you can do will be a blessing!

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