This was an all summer planned yet last minute trip to Thomas Land. Who has  ever even heard of this little gem tucked away in Carver, Massachusetts? My kids have been begging us to go for months because of commercials that they had been seeing. We have been dreading this trip all summer because it is about 4 hours from Bergen County, NJ with 2 stops.

In the 6 ½ years that I have known my lover, this is the first trip that we have winged it! I was calling hotels on the way up for a room, secretly I don’t think we were really thinking we were going. My kids were on their best behavior leaving the house. They knew something good was on it’s way.

We ended up calling the Marriott since we are reward members and I have a credit card with them. The AAA rate was better than the rewards rate. The rooms were $199 a night breakfast included. I booked it through my EBATES app and will get 1.5% back on my purchase. Ebates is a great way to earn money while you shop online for free.

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We left our house at 9:38 and got to Edasville at around 1:30. We were super excited when we got there. The entrance fee was $37 per adult, $32 for the kids because they were 2 & 3. It was a little steep for an entrance fee however you were getting entrance into 3 different areas. To be honest my couponing self usually looks for a discount but I did not look. There was a residence discount if you lived in Rhode Island, Mass, or NH.

Edasville was cute. A old little town with stores and some mini rides like a little ferris wheel, a parachute ride, dumbo elephants, straight head through the end of Edasville, was a big lifesize Thomas train. Train rides were on the hour and half hour with a schedule posted. There was a bake/coffee shop and a candy shop at the station. The bake shop had gluten free/dairy free brownies and cookies! Very impressive. As we progressed to the left of the park there was an airplane ride, a train ride, and some spinning carnival type rides more geared for the younger crew. To the right of this area was Dino Land which we did not get a chance to go into.

All the way in you entered Sodor. Sodor was very cute! There was a gift shop where prices were very inflated and the stuff wasn’t even that great. I would say there were about 10 rides in ThomasLand. All geared and focused toward little Thomas Fans.

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There was a show that took place on a scheduled timed list. We caught it at 3:30. It was interactive and my Brady was loving it! He wanted to get right up in the show, and he was chosen to do so! We stayed until 4:30 since we were exhausted. The kids had a blast, we had a lot of fun. There was definitely a lot more park to see but we pooped out.

We headed to Ellie’s brick oven pizza for dinner, they were very accommodating to our gluten sensitivities. Driving around there was so many things to do in the area and Cape Cod was pretty close too. We made it into a quick 24 hour trip, but if you were looking to expand your trip into multiple days there is plenty to do around the area.

The Marriott was a great place to stay. The rooms were extended stays so they had ½ kitchens with a large refrigerator and a dining area. All of the amenities were upgraded. I highly recommend ThomasLand if you have a little Thomas Lover on hand at home. You will not regret it!

Tips on saving money:

If you are going to ThomasLand on a budget, I would plan to get there early so that you can see the parks in 1 day. Bring a cooler with food. They allow outside food and beverages and there are plenty of picnic tables where you can sit and eat. I would buy some Thomas shwag on Amazon or in a discounted store like Kmart and send bring it with you. The gift shop is very expensive and the items are not that worth it. There are candy shops in the park, so I would bring candy too.

Bring a hat and sunglasses, there are not a lot of shaded areas and it is hot and sunny. If you plan on using the indoor play spaces, bring socks or pay $2 for socks. They also had popcorn stations throughout. They allow re-entry so you can go early, leave and come back!


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