My gratitude practice started with just me and my son. I didn't know exactly what I was doing, but I started reciting daily gratitudes with him when I was getting him to bed. At the time I couldn't have known the massive shifts that were going to happen for me, but I just wanted to show up. I wanted to show up for him and I wanted to show up for me.

If my life has been blessed by the power of gratitude, his life has been blessed 100 times over. We started this journey together when he was just 2 years old! What a gift!

Twelve years and 2 more sons later, I still practice gratitude with each of them every day. This book is a beautiful way to share that gift with your child, grandchild, or any young reader in your life. In a world that is digital, virtual, and fast-paced, I Am Grateful for My Life is the perfect gift for birthdays or special occasions. But at this price point, you don't need a reason or a special occasion to share this gift of gratitude.


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