Hurricanes & Disasters, Do they bring out your best or worst?

In light of what’s happening down in Texas with Hurricane Harvey, it prompted me to remember Hurricane Sandy in NJ back in 2011. I remember it like it was yesterday. All the warnings on the news stations, never thinking it would be that bad, as in my lifetime I could not recall a tragedy such as the one we were about to experience.

I was an acupuncture student at the time and a massage therapist. I had just met my soul mate a few months prior, so life was pretty good for me. I was really working my spirituality and trying my hardest to be positive, and lead with light and love.

When it started raining, we sat in my little 2 bedroom apartment; my lover and I. We took a couple of deep breaths and surrounded our apartment with light and protection. We said a prayer for everyone in Sandy’s path and sent light, love and safety into the world. When we woke up in the morning, we were completely untouched and unaffected, but when we looked outside there was a very different scenario.

Our street was out of power, but my apartment was still ok. There were trees down. The mayor was on the news telling everyone to stay indoors. I felt helpless & sad; I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on tv. The days to follow were awful. My family members were out of power so they all came to stay with me. I was grateful that I could accommodate. I was also grateful that I did not have to leave my house. I sat in front of channel 12 news and just watched, wondering what I could do.

I used my social media and started posting relief numbers, open gas stations, charging stations and anything useful that I could. I wanted to help out so badly. After a day or so of posting I started getting private messages from people telling me how annoying I was. How I was flooding their newsfeed with stuff that didn’t pertain to them. I was floored. But I didn’t stop, because as I was annoying them, I was also helping others. I was getting an equal amount of private messages saying that my posts were so useful. They were living on 0 battery power and would only sign on to see my posts.

This was such a huge pivotal time in my spiritual work. I really saw a divide between myself and those people that I called my friends. It was a real eye opener. A moment of truth and growth for me.

Through all my social media work I teamed up with a shelter that was looking for cots. With the effort of an old sorority sister we raised enough money to purchase 38 cots. It was amazing! But you know what people were saying about me? That I was fake. That I was doing this as a front, and I can’t even remember the other things. Point being, here I was trying to do so much good, and the outsiders looking in saw something totally different.

You see, when you choose a spiritual path, everything from that day forward is love and light. The person you were before needs to be forgiven by you and those around you will follow suit or they will detach themselves from you, and that is ok. I still have these same people looking at me, judging me, saying pretty awful things about me and at this point in life I don’t deserve any of it. I am completely different than I was even when Hurricane Sandy hit.

In the wake of a disaster there is so much light to share. You can be a beacon of it or you can add your negativity to it. Choose to shine your light. There is so much opportunity to donate your time, money, energy, items and help out in a way that will be returned to you 100 times over.

We have teamed up with Dream Baby Sleep Solutions to help out for those  impacted by Hurricane Harvey down in Texas. Texas Diaper Bank is in need of diapers and we have several drop locations in NY and NJ that will be collecting diapers until next Friday September 8.

If you would like to make a monetary donation you can do so by following the link below. You can also purchase diapers directly through and ship straight there or you can stop by my office 74 Pascack Road, Suite 5, Park Ridge, NJ Tuesday September 5- Friday September 8 from 11am-7pm and drop off diapers.

To Donate Money:


Harvey Relief_fund FINAL_8.29.17 (2)


Remember to shine your light, no matter what. I could have let all the noise get to me and crawled up in a ball and allowed it to take over, but instead I chose to rise above and help those in need. I promise the latter will not go unnoticed. Even if your immediate circle doesn’t see it, and if they don’t it is time to make a change.


I am grateful for love, I am grateful for support, I am grateful I am surrounded by others on the same path as me, I am grateful for my tribe, I am grateful for peace, I am grateful for light, I am grateful for growth, I am grateful for relief, I am grateful for sunshine, I am grateful for hope, I am grateful for heroes, I am grateful for the men and women who serve to keep us safe, I am grateful for life!

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