How to Manifest in 60 Seconds.

You can manifest within minutes, or it may take years. True manifestation for me took many, many years. Little things happened right away. Little things happened all the time right away. When you focus in your energy, you’re positive, grateful and you believe it, it’s going to happen.

In my early years when I was a single mom and I was broke, anytime I couldn’t pay my rent, I would immediately pull out my gratitude journal and I would start being grateful. Within 24 hours the phone calls would start coming through. I would get new clients, I would get focus groups, I would get all these opportunities for money.

Then there’s other things that took several, several years. When I first started manifesting, I was manifesting that I wanted to be a motivational speaker, an author … all these things that were on my vision board. Those things took a good 10, 11 years for them to manifest, because I wasn’t ready, and I wasn’t aligned. There was a lot of inner work that I needed to do. So in this process of manifesting, it’s not just about wanting and getting what you want. There’s a lot of spiritual work that needs to go behind it. So if you’re manifesting and good things are happening for you, the lessons are going to start to come quick. The tests are going to happen more often, your reaction is going to get tested all the time.

These are the things that you need to learn. For me, I didn’t really learn them until probably almost three years ago. Around this time we were looking for a house. I was being grateful, manifesting my house and I was describing it. We ended up buying a house in August. The excitement set in of here’s my new house and here’s what I’ve been looking for. I always talk about manifesting like it’s a rollercoaster. You’re really excited to get on the ride, you get on the ride and the ride starts moving, and you start going up that hill. The excitement is there and you’re doing everything right, it’s exciting. Then something great happens and we forget. We start to forget to be grateful.

So why do I bring that up? Well, I bought my house and I forgot to be grateful. Now I’m packing, moving, and I’m paying attention to all this stuff that I’m not focused on being grateful. Our house ends up on the top of the hill, and we hire a con man construction worker that comes into my house, and on day two he knocks through the bathroom floor. Not only does he ruin the upstairs, but ruins the downstairs. Now I am living in the basement with my partner, my nanny, and my children. It spiraled this whirlwind of emotion for me. One day, I woke up and I realized, this is my fault. I have control over this.

I decided in that moment that I would never not be grateful again. I started being grateful that the construction was finished. I started being grateful that I could move into my bedroom. I started to be grateful that everything was going to fall into place, and sure enough, that rollercoaster started to flatten out for me. I started going back up the uphill.

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