How did you spend your 365 days? 2017 Year in Review .

If you follow me on Facebook, you know my mantra the last few days has been 2018 is going to be the best year of my life! This is the same mantra that I said as we were approaching 2017, and I can totally say, 2017 has been the best year of my life!

Here is my year in review…
And before I begin, I want to remind you that 7 years ago, I was a single mom, living on food stamps, putting myself through school. I share with you my achievements, because I also share with you all the tools that you need to create the life that you desire to live! Anything you see me doing, you can do too!

We started off the New Year pretty quiet, I don’t even think I made it to midnight, because we got back from our family vacation from Turks and Caicos on New Years Eve.

2 weeks later we were off to Las Vegas where I got to sit front row for Brittney Spears! One of my greatest manifestation stories, coming soon to this blog! When we returned to Jersey, I welcomed the Chinese New Year by throwing a Grand Opening for my new Acupuncture Healing Space in Park Ridge, NJ.

Throughout 2017, I traveled to Antigua, Sunny Isles, FL, Disney, Bahamas, Golden Beach, FL, New Hampshire, Kalahari, Thomasville, MA with my kids… Costa Rica, Turks & Caicos, Mohegan Sun with my lover and Fort Meyers, FL, Los Angeles, CA, and Canyon Ranch, NJ by myself for business development.

I saw Dead & Company, U2, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, Garth Brooks & Tina McBride, Vanilla Ice, Brett Michaels live in concert, with some of the best seats I’ve ever sat in and we can’t forget that I scored tickets to see Hamilton on Broadway with a tour on stage, under stage and backstage after! And of course this football season I made it to two Giants games.

I went to, sponsored, and even held my own charity event. Collectively I was a part of and donated thousands of dollars to many great causes including Meals on Wheels, Sunset 2 Sunrise, and Bethenny Frankels BStrong initiative through Delivering Good.

I hired a speaking coach, a business coach, a content marketing coach… I started seeing a spiritual therapist, a new acupuncturist, a breakthrough therapist and practiced lots of self care and love throughout the year!

I wrote and published a book in 6 months time! And… it went to #1 Best Seller in multiple categories on Amazon!!!

I met one of my greatest spiritual teachers, Deepak Chopra, which was beyond amazing! I also met Mark Wahlberg, Christie Brinkley, Bethenny Frankel, Charlie Sheen, Steve Wozniak, Bret Michaels, Mel Gibson, George Ross and got to spend time with some of the wealthiest most successful people in the world.

I started a new business called Grateful Guidance, LLC.

I attended Continued Education Classes for Acupuncture.

I performed 1187 Acupuncture Treatments, helping 6 babies come into this world and helping so many people come off meds, change their mindsets and heal their bodies.

In the midst of all of this… I got to be at all my kids school functions, birthday parties etc and so on!

We all start off the year with the same amount of time, with the same amount of days and with the same amount of opportunities. It is up to us to write the story of how those days are going to be! As you can see 2017 was amazing for me. It was everything I had dreamed of and so much more! That’s because I show up to every day trying to be the best human being that I can be!

I have made mistakes, I sometimes didn’t use the right words, but every experience that I had has been a lesson that I have been able to grow and learn from.

Are you ready to create a year like this?
Are you willing to do what it takes?
Are you excited about learning how?

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I have 4 more spots left for my online class this January, Monday nights at 8:30pm starting January 8.
Will I see you there?


I am grateful for the year I had
I am grateful for the year to come
I am grateful for my entire life
I am grateful for every smile
I am grateful for every hug
I am grateful for every tear
I am grateful for growth
I am grateful for excitement
I am grateful for fun
I am grateful for everything life has to offer
I am grateful my dreams and desires become reality

How did you spend your 365 days 2017 Year in Reviewblog meme

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