Happy Anniversary Every Single Day…

i am grateful for love blog memeIf you follow me on Facebook, you will notice Happy Anniversary gets thrown around a lot on my page. When I met my lover April 26, 2011, exactly 2 weeks later I turned to him and said “Awe, Lover we have been together 2 weeks, Happy Anniversary!”

His reply, “Why can’t it be our anniversary every day?” I gushed. The hopeless romantic that I was thought, it can be! It can be our anniversary every single day! Why not? Who made the rules?

And so it was. Every day for that first year, one of us would wish the other a Happy Anniversary and we literally said it every single day, as we counted the days!

The both of us had been through so much. Our relationship was frowned upon.  There were lots of opinions being thrown around and in the darkest of moments a “Happy Anniversary” would change around the energy of any day.

We carried this tradition with us well into the second year, but counting the days became a little harder. Anywhere we go it is always our Anniversary. We are “those” people that like to sit next to each other even at the diner, so going with our story is never difficult. 6 ½ years later we are still celebrating. Everyday in the hustle and bustle of life, we forget, but once one of us remembers it just melts my heart. Getting a random text saying Happy Anniversary when you least expect it, is enough to make you fall in love all over again in that moment.

A relationship is anything but easy. Living with the same person day in and day out becomes redundant, boring, stressful… Why not bring it back to your anniversary? Do you remember the day that you met? Or your wedding day, the happiest day of your life (for most not divorced, right?) I don’t know, I have not gotten married yet, but I am assuming.

Saying Happy Anniversary, celebrating life in the moment, may just be what your relationship needs to ignite a spark that hasn’t burned in a while.  Aside from that, the kindness of people around you elevates for some reason. Think about the last time you went to dinner or on a trip for your anniversary. People are all smiles and want to do nice things for you.

Go ahead, give it a try! Plan a little surprise Anniversary dinner for your spouse or loved one. You have today, you are not guaranteed tomorrow, so celebrate life! You don’t need an excuse, you just need to live!

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