Vacation? Or A Trip?
What’s the difference?
Are you manifesting yours?

I happen to be in Squam Lake, NH on what I call a family trip. A few years ago we went on our first family vacation with 4 kids in tow, 2 under 2. It was a nightmare! lol I wanted to go home. I had no idea. In theory it seemed like a great idea but once the journey started I regretted it and have since done it over and over lol, because I am a sucker for those little faces and the new experiences they get to enjoy.

Bringing the family on vacation. Is it really a vacation? Or is it a trip? Well if we go to the beach and bring my mom or a nanny, then we get in a little vacation time. Otherwise, it’s always a trip! Making memories is super important and I am so grateful for my kids and family time, but let’s face it when we are home the kids are in school or at camp or I am work. There’s separation, time to go to the bathroom alone! I know you moms can relate. For some they dread work… for me I am so in love with what I do, I miss working when I am away for more than a few days. I love helping others to heal, to manifest, and to love themselves… Mom life is a greater challenge for me than any problem I see in my office!

Traveling is something that I LOVE to do! It’s always been the one luxury I’ve had. As a kid growing up to an immigrant family, we didn’t do what other families did. We didn’t go out to eat much, we never had the hot new clothes or toys that were out, but we were traveling to the Dominican Republic, Venezuela and all the other places that Americans were afraid to go back in the 80’s. Once a year we would go away as a family and stamp the passport.

Even before I knew how to manifest, I had the privilege to travel for work and leisure. When I started manifesting in 2008, I thought about traveling a lot. I was grateful that I traveled all of the time. I wanted to see the world. When I made a vision board there was travel on there. Before we leave a trip or a vacation I am already planning my next one. Lucky for me my partner in life loves to travel as much as I do so since we’ve been together we are on a plane on average every 2-3 months. We usually alternate one trip alone, next trip with kids, one trip alone… Trips alone is so important. With 5 kids and 2 businesses, getting some quality time is a challenge.

My favorite part of traveling is connecting to nature. The beach happens to be my favorite place. There is something about the smell and the sounds. This great big existence that we don’t even know. The sun shining on the water, the sand between my toes. (Funny because growing up I actually hated the sand.) It took a lot of spiritual work to actually connect. Even at the lake surrounded by mountains; there’s so much beautiful energy. So many stories among the trees, so many sounds in the night. A calm amongst the chaos.

For now I am grateful that traveling with children is easy! I am grateful the kids are on their best behavior and grateful for no whining and crying! Looking forward to vacations with my family where we can all rest and relax!

Do you love to travel? Where was your favorite place to be?
Wanna join me a travel manifest?

I am grateful for travel!
I am grateful for airplanes
I am grateful for the ocean
I am grateful for sunshine
I am grateful for fun
I am grateful for memories
I am grateful for culture
I am grateful for culinary adventures
I am grateful for volcanos
I am grateful for warm waters
I am grateful for floats
I am grateful I am on vacation

Connect with nature. Whether you are on vacation, a trip, or just at home in your backyard. Nature is energy. We are energy. There is a source to draw from whenever we need.

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