The more love we send out universally and the more grateful we are, the easier it will be to get through this! You_ve got this! (2)

Have you been experiencing a crazy week? Has stuff been breaking? People acting strange, more cranky, on edge? Relax! It’s not just you! That’s right. All of this stuff happening in the cosmos very much affects our everyday life. If you are even semi-sensitive, you are being affected! Don’t worry, there is an end in sight, September 5th!

The last couple of days have been so off for me! Friday night I lost my keys while I was at the hair salon and on Saturday when they were found and I went to go get them; I lost my cell phone! All were found and recovered, but all this is happening because of the solar energies.

Mercury retrograde happens several times a year. This is when Mercury passes the Earth, but decides to stop and go in the opposite direction (retrograde). By doing this it messes with all of our systems. Computers crash, electronics stop working… it’s very real. This retrograde started on August 12 and will last through September 5. We are told to back up computers before the retrograde begins, don’t enter into any contracts, don’t feed into a fight with a friend or family member because we are not acting at our norm, but we are out of whack. If you are super sensitive this started for you even before the 12th.

What’s worse this time around? There’s a solar eclipse coming. Any cancer babies like me? We are ruled by the moon, so literally as I sit here typing this, my head feels like it is in a total fog! Like I can feel the moon doing it’s thing. I know it sounds nuts, and I am not huge on astrology, but what I know for a fact, is that every month without fail and without knowing if I am having a cranky, angry or off day and I look up at the sky there is usually a full moon.

So how do we get through this time? BREATHE! Proceed with caution. Don’t react. Feel grateful that you have this knowledge and try to keep yourself a bit more low key over the course of the next few weeks. If something breaks, don’t stress. Give it a couple of weeks before you fix it, it may even start working again! Don’t engage in a fight. Re-read anything you put out there and analyze if it will get misconstrued. Stay away from social media if you get triggered easily. Don’t buy new appliances, cars etc. Don’t get into any new contracts or agreements if you can help it.

Know that we are all in this together! The more love we send out universally and the more grateful we are, the easier it will be to get through this! You’ve got this!

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