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Perception, Consciousness, Cultural Differences; Limited Beliefs – How does it really affect us?

Growing up in a Russian family, boy was life different than everyone else I knew. When I was just  5, my parents would leave to go to work before I even woke up. My 10 year old brother would wake me up, help me get dressed and walk me to school. He was the same person that would come pick me up when the bell rang and walked me home until our parents got home at a dark hour of the day.

We did not have dinner together as a family, there was no play dates at my house or with friends. We did not go out to eat, with the exception of Friday pizza night where we would normally order in, or we would go to route 46 in Wayne for Pizza Hut when they first opened…

I never had any new popular clothes. I was made fun of in elementary school so bad, so hurtful; I still remember. It was so bad that when z.cavaricci were out, I wanted them so bad, I begged and begged and never got them… until they went on clearance at Daffy Dans because they were out of style and my mother forced me to wear them because they were not returnable.

You see all of these things shape us into who we become as adults. My culture, is more disciplined, ritualed, frugal, savers, less emotional, rough, raw, no filter, negative…

These are the guidelines that I grew up with.  This is where my belief system was formed. As human beings we need to start understanding that people all grow up very different. We step into adulthood only with the tools that we were given.

As you can see for me, I never really formed any real long lasting relationships. I never even had one with my parents. I was raised by another child. So when I was let out into the world, in my college years I was lost. I was never taught how to groom myself as a woman, I didn’t know how to do my make up or my hair. My sorority sisters had a field day playing dress up with me…

I was lost. I was angry, I was sad, depressed, anxiety ridden with fear. Until the day I was awoken into consciousness. I had this deeper desire. I knew there was more and I found my way to Kabbalah and spirituality.

In Kabbalah they teach you that we live in the 1%. The 99% reality is the light. It’s the after life. This existence that consumes us is only the 1% and we are all so different. SO very different. Not one of us the same. No circumstance, no moment, nothing… because our perception is so different, 2 people could go through the same exact experience in the same moment standing right next to each other, yet there description and experience will be so different. Because of their own limited beliefs and how that influences their existence now.

Take a step back and take a look at the people around you. Take a minute to consider their upbringing, their childhood experiences, their sorrows, their traumas.

What pain are they living through right now and how are our words and actions responding to theirs. Are we always thinking of me, or are we thinking of them. When you start thinking of them, the world will be a better place to be.

We have to love one another because a lot of us were not loved growing up. We didn’t receive the kindness and compassion that you may have or maybe your story is worse, so you can play the victim, or… INSPIRE.

I am grateful for acceptance

I am grateful for understanding

I am grateful I see clearer

I am grateful for non judgement

I am grateful I am aware

I am grateful for consciousness

I am grateful for knowledge

I am grateful for good experiences

I am grateful for peaceful encounters

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