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Gratitude is the power, if embraced, that can bring you everything that you want in this life. In my facebook group, Shilamida Inspires, I started a 31 day Gratitude challenge that aligns with my book coming out, 31 Days of Gratitude – Create the Life you Desire.

Being grateful everyday gives you a feel-good feeling, butterflies in the pit of your stomach, waking up your solar plexus and connecting with the energy of the Law of Attraction. When you are in that feel-good feeling and you are grateful for what you want as though you already have it, you are in a state of manifesting your every desire.

My goal is to be grateful 20 times a day. 20 times a day will usually tip the balance between negative to positive and that is the goal. Be more positive than negative.

Here is a sample of my gratitude that can be used for anyone. Feel free to repeat:

I am grateful for strength

I am grateful for life

I am grateful for love

I am grateful for positive attention

I am grateful for appreciation

I am grateful for willpower

I am grateful for discipline

I am grateful for faith

I am grateful for hope

I am grateful for belief

I am grateful I am open

I am grateful I am receiving

I am grateful for messages

I am grateful for abundance

I am grateful for good health

I am grateful for peace

I am grateful for calm

I am grateful for passion

I am grateful for desire

I am grateful for dreams

I am grateful for manifesting

I am grateful for gratitude


If you follow along and are grateful everyday, I know you will see a shift in your existence. Share with me if you are grateful and if you’ve seen a difference. Sending you Love & Light!

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