Gluten Free in Miami {Shilamida Travels}

When traveling, food always becomes a stressor. My family is gluten and dairy free and while these are becoming more and more available, you just never know what you will have available to you.

When traveling I always use a cooler bag as one of my carry-ons and bring a bunch of food and snacks that are safe for me and will not only get me to my hotel but will carry through in case we don’t get to a market place fast enough.  When traveling with children, you can get away with bringing fluids. You will need to leave a little extra time because your bags will get searched, but some samples of what go in my cooler bag are hard boiled eggs, turkey bacon or cold cuts, small hummus packets with carrot sticks and veggie chips, Kind bars, Lara bars, Justin’s nut butter packets, rice cakes, and fruit.

We always try and get an apartment style hotel room so that I have some control over food. This trip we decided to stay at Trump International Sunny Isles. We were equipped with a full kitchen a regular sized refrigerator. We had the option to shop ahead of time from Milam Market and have them deliver to the hotel but we were a little late in the game and just decided to take a ride there, which was a $6 Uber.  This market had everything imaginable in the gluten free and dairy free realm. Our shopping trip was a very happy and successful one. Not only did we fill up on breakfast and lunch items, but we also grabbed some red wine and rose, as our room was also stocked with a wine opener and champagne glasses… we needed to put those to good use!

Even if we couldn’t make it out to the store, I am happy to say Trump International was very accommodating to gluten free, you just had to ask. They had an all day dining menu, which included Belgian waffles, pancakes, dinner rolls, pizza, gf buns for hot dogs and hamburgers, pasta and more.

Also we discovered later that if we walked right across the street we had access to a small market, a CVS and several other dining options. If you needed a hair salon and didn’t want to spend the money on hotel prices there were a couple of salons right across the way.

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As for dining out, we did that as well. First chance we were able to sneak away for a date night we headed over to Monkitail in the Diplomat hotel. A Japanese fusion restaurant, that served tapas style food. Interestingly enough instead of a gluten free menu, they had asterisks on the menu that showed what could not be gluten free. That was a first for me. The food and service were great. For $65 you could get a 10 course tasting menu, but we chose to do our own tasting menu. Reservation highly recommended, as this is one of Miami’s hot spots for dinner right now (Fall 2017).

On our second night we decided to stay and dine at Gigi’s Beach Club where we got to cook our food on Lava Stones. That was pretty cool and gave the kids an opportunity to be little chefs. One warning, steak fries are big potato wedges, not actual fries. This was ok for us, but not for my kids. The beauty of this restaurant was that it is right on the ocean and you are able to see the sunset, however in the Miami humidity it was hot!

On our last night we decided to sneak away one more time. Since we did not have a reservation we headed across the street to Baires, an Argentinean restaurant. They were packed and we probably needed a reservation, but we snagged some seats at the bar and had the best salad with steak ever! The food was delicious. Their regular menu was labeled as GF, which made navigating the menu real easy.

So if you are headed to Miami beach and are looking for gluten free options there are sure to be many options for you!

The weather was hot and humid and the water temperature was so warm it was almost not refreshing, however I will take that any day over the Jersey beach waters this summer! Have fun and Enjoy!

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