Giving Back

One of the biggest lessons I learned in the whole process of spiritual growth is giving. When we give we receive. Every single time! It was a hard lesson to learn at first, especially when the financial struggle was so real, however finances don’t always need to be the way to give. The rule of thumb should always be 10% of your salary should go. This way you get to choose, otherwise the Universe will choose for you and then crazy things happen like your pipes bursting, flat tires etc…

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Last year at Christmas time I was looking for an opportunity to share. In years prior, when I started making money, I adopted a family for Christmas, but I never got to see where that money went as it was a state organized program. At the end of November I got a new patient into my practice with a heart of gold. She was a teacher and every time she came she would tell me about her students and ask if I had hand me downs from my older kids that I could pass along.

An idea popped into my mind… What if I used my platform and organized a drive where these kids could get a wish list of 3 items and I would do my best to fulfill those wishes. Well a beautiful thing happened… everyone’s wishes were fulfilled! With the help of Taylor Keenan, from and her husband Ryan, we got everything from tablets, to shop-rite gift cards, bikes, clothes, blankets, make up, drones… Riviera Produce gave us a truck and we were able to deliver everything!

The day of we arrived at the school, I got to bring my 9 year old and the Keenan’s, we brought food and we surprised the heck out of these kids. Most were immigrants, they were blown away. I spoke about kindness and giving back. I told them my wish was that they would all grow up to be successful and remember this moment and give back and share more! It was a really beautiful day!

I love to celebrate life! I think everyday we are here is a gift and everything should be done with spirit and enthusiasm. When I was getting ready to release my book 31 Days of Gratitude – Create the Life you Desire, I thought what better way to celebrate than putting my two favorite things together… a PARTY & GIVING BACK!

So the Charity Book Launch came to life, and you are all invited to join me and my team to celebrate my life’s work while raising my goal of $18,000 for women in crisis. I remember the days of my struggles all too well, and now is my time to help as many people as I can to live a better way of life.

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At the launch you will be greeted onto a red carpet where you will enjoy taking photos with friends and me of course! There will be live music, door prizes, raffle prizes, all kinds of healing modalities, swag to purchase, and of course we can’t forget delicious food from Bibiz in Westwood and cocktails, of course! This is one event of mine you surely do not want to miss! Here’s your chance to give. 50% of your ticket goes directly to charity, 100% of sponsorship money goes directly to charity. 10% of book sales goes to charity and a percentage of all the swag, plus all of our healers are donating their time so all donations are going to charity! Let me know your coming by leaving a note here so I know to look for you!

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It is my pleasure to work with you on your emotional, mental, and physical being. I’m here to help you find the balance and connection between your mind, body and soul. We were all brought here for a reason and to fulfill a purpose. It’s time to become the best version of YOU. You deserve it and it is my mission in life to help you achieve that. I truly believe you have the power to create the life you’ve always desired.- and I can help you. I’m looking forward to learning and growing with you! XO Shilamida

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