Shilamida believes our lives can be anything we want them to be, regardless of the unique challenges we face. In her second book, From Food Stamps to First Class, she guides women on an empowering journey of emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Each chapter dives into a life lesson that uses genuine examples from Shilamida's own life, illuminating those lessons and offering easy-to-implement techniques readers can use to achieve their own success. From losing her father at a young age, becoming a single mother before she was 30 and living on government assistance, to emerging as a top acupuncturist, losing 100 pounds and manifesting the love of her life, Shilamida highlights the lessons she adopted to create her dream life (so readers can find their own). She has also included affirmations at the end of each chapter to help the reader take inspired action to live their best life. This book offers a no-nonsense, straightforward, and engaging road map to unconditional self-love and encouragement for radical change.

From Food Stamps to First Class: Start Living Your Dream Life Now!

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