Forgiveness is a huge piece of the puzzle. Forgiveness does not mean that you have to go up to somebody that has wronged you and say to their face, “I forgive you.” Forgiveness is an inner peace and healing. That’s what true forgiveness is. So, if you’re holding onto resentment, you haven’t forgiven.


Forgiveness means you’ve let that emotion go, you’ve let go of the anger, you’ve let go of that resentment. If you’re holding on, you’re not forgiving, and you’re really hurting yourself in the process. Forgiveness is peace of mind, it’s a state of being. It’s not redemption for the person that’s wronged you. So, if you still feel resentment you need to do some ho’oponopono work. “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you and thank you.” You may say to me, “But, why do I have to say I’m sorry? I didn’t do anything wrong. That person did something wrong to me.”


If you’re really going to go into the ego mastery, any given situation where there’s wrong doing, somehow we played a role into that. If we really dig deep and we want to do the real spiritual work, we will rise up to seeing, “You know what? Maybe if I acted in a different way, that would have caused a different reaction. That situation would have ended up being different.” There are the extreme cases. Of, we got raped, beaten, abused and, why did those things happen and how am I supposed to forgive that?


So, there’s a part of our subconscious that has attracted that and there’s things that happen in our lives that are corrections from past lives, and it’s karma that’s playing out for stuff that’s happened in other lives. So, this may be a new concept for some of you to hold on to or to understand. The way that I believe it is that, I’ve lived this life many times before and that’s why when I was younger, I really had a hard time connecting because there were things that seemed so familiar to me and I just didn’t understand why. We all have felt that feeling before right?  Where you walk into a room and something is really familiar or you meet somebody and you’re like, “Wow, I think I’ve meet that person before.” There is just that instant connection and these connections are because we’ve lived together over and over and over again.


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This isn’t our first roundabout together and somehow, we are connected and that’s why when we talk about soulmate love. Soulmate love is a really true thing because, it’s two hearts that get split apart and then, we find our way back to each other, it’s that igniting of energy that draws us back. We’re all connected through energy. Every single one of us is connected through energy. So, when you don’t forgive, you’re still connected. We have chords that connect us to these people so, whenever we have an interaction with somebody, this chord forms between you and I. We are now connected. That’s why when you have a situation where you think of somebody and all of a sudden your phone starts to ring, you think of somebody and a text message comes through or, I love when this happens. I want to go text somebody and I open up my phone and all of a sudden, that text is already up ready for me to type.


It’s because the connection is being made. I’m thinking about it, which is triggering them to think about me, which is then making that connection happen. It’s this psychic intuitiveness that’s happening to all of us. So whether you believe it or not, you need to open yourself up to the possibility of this. I always tell people to smile. On my voicemail when you call my voicemail, I always tell you to smile, because what I’ve learned along the way is that, a smile can correct a karmic death from a past life. So somebody that you may have done wrong, may drive past you and you flash them a smile and you meet eye-to-eye with them and that’s it. That correction has been made.


You go through your life now, and you do things and you hide them under the carpet. For example, you did somebody wrong and you’re just not friends with them anymore and you’re just not going to think about that ever again. Oh no, you’re gonna have to live through that again. So the way that I live my life is, I don’t want to have to repeat this life again. I want to go and I want to live in eternal happiness after this life. Should I have to come back and live this life again, I want to have to correct a little amount of things as possible. I don’t want to have to struggle as much as I’ve had to struggle to get to the place where I am at now. So that’s how I choose to live my every day. I ho’oponopono a lot. A lot, a lot a lot. I ho’oponopono thoughts. Thoughts that don’t even make their way out of my mouth.


The other day, I had a moment of judgment with somebody and I took it back and I ho’oponopono them because, as soon as I had that moment of judgment and I pulled them into my energy field and I started judging them. I was hurting myself. I wasn’t hurting them, I was hurting myself. So I quickly apologized, said ‘thank you’ ‘I love you’ and did the work to let it go and then, I let it go.



It is my pleasure to work with you on your emotional, mental, and physical being. I’m here to help you find the balance and connection between your mind, body and soul. We were all brought here for a reason and to fulfill a purpose. It’s time to become the best version of YOU. You deserve it and it is my mission in life to help you achieve that. I truly believe you have the power to create the life you’ve always desired.- and I can help you. I’m looking forward to learning and growing with you! XO Shilamida

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