From Food Stamps To First Class

Start Living Your Dream Life Now!

Life has taken quite an interesting turn for us all.

2020 has been filled with ups and downs and all arounds.

Maybe you lost your job, or your business is on the verge of closing.

Maybe you’ve been untouched financially and for the first time are coming ahead.

Maybe your health is on the decline or someone you are close with is rapidly declining

No matter what our circumstances are, or what’s happening in the world, the only thing we can control is our emotional state of being. Mastering this is the greatest tool of them all.

Emotional well being is a state of mind that only we can control, but it takes time, dedication and commitment to self.When we are reactive, we create more situations to react to and create a life that we are not happy living.

In this book, Shilamida, tells the stories of her life mixed in with the spiritual lessons and tools she gained along the way. At 23 she was a 6 figure salary earner and by the time she was 27 she was a single mom living on food stamps.

After years of healing and mastering the power of gratitude Shilamida called in her soul mate, a beautiful family, and incredible career and she is constantly living out her dreams and manifestations.

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