Energy givers and energy suckers, which are you?

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We are all made up of energy. It is the whole premise of my acupuncture practice to re-direct a person’s Qi energy in order to bring them into optimal health. Knowing this concept is very important. I know that if I am having a bad day or a good day the energy of what I am feeling is what is going to be put out in the world.

I know for some this concept may be crazy. But real science tells us energy cannot be destroyed. Energy can only take on a new form. I talked about this in my live on Facebook from September. If you stand near someone you are essentially feeding off of their energy. So if they are happy and upbeat you are feeding off of good energy and if they are sad or angry you will feed off of negative energy.

I always used to be told that my energy could carry an entire room of people. I didn’t really understand what people meant by that until I had a really bad day at acupuncture school and my usual upbeat self was miserable. Quickly throughout the day everyone’s mood started to change. It was so crazy and incredible at the same time. It made me aware and conscious of how powerful our energy is.

I am sure you all know that one person who can make or break a party? Either they are so negative no one wants them around, or you have the polar opposite of someone who is so fun you want them around all the time.

Which one are you? An energy giver or an energy sucker? If it’s an energy sucker, that’s ok. You can change at any time and it’s as simple as emanating love. Start right now. Are you in a room full of people reading this? In your heart send them love. Are you alone? That’s ok, think of your friends or family members, even your enemies and send them love. It’s so simple yet we rarely think to do a task like this.

If you get into the habit of small practices like this you will not only shift yourself you will shift the entire energy of the world. Yes! We are that powerful. It’s why prayer works. When you have a bunch of people praying for the same end result and the energy is strong enough, it will usually change the end result.

Understanding and practicing this will truly change your life and it will also change who you attract into your life. Try it this week and see what happens.

I am grateful for knowledge. I am grateful for energy. I am grateful for consciousness. I am grateful for awareness. I am grateful for love. I am grateful for hope. I am grateful for belief.

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