Ego Mastery


Ego Mastery


Ego mastery is a lifetime lesson. Learning all about the ego, what is the ego, when does your ego take place and when it is okay for the ego to take place.

Ego mastery is probably the lifelong lesson for everybody to work on and to learn about. I didn’t really understand what the ego was until I was in my early 20s. I was working a job where I was making six figures. I was very egotistical, but I didn’t really understand that or know that. I did very well in my position and I was very confident and other people took that to be egotistical. I’m sure there was a part of me that was in that behavior I just didn’t see it.

Then when I started learning about Kabbalah, I started to understand that the ego could be a tool that works for you or a tool that works against you. Ego mastery is mastering this emotion of the ego and to understand when you’re leading from a place of ego or when you’re leading from a place of love. The way that Kabbalah explains the ego is Satan. You have your angel voice and then you have your ego voice, which is the devil voice.

Which voice are you going to listen to? Which way are you going to go? Are you going to feed the ego or are you going to lead from a place of love? When I get up on a stage to inspire people, am I doing that from a place of “I wanna get up on stage because I wanna be on stage and I wanna shine” or am I getting up on stage to share my story and my inspiration so that I can help people? There’s a really fine line, especially when there’s the outside perception of what you’re doing.

In every single thing that we do, we have the play of the ego. The ego is not a bad thing always because ego is what drives us. But really taking a look inward and seeing and asking yourself, “Am I doing this because I’m doing this from a place of love” or “am I doing this because I’m trying to feed my inner self to feel better about myself?” I had one of my coworkers sit me down and I happened to be selling franchises at the time. He was the fitness director and then there was the marketing director. I was really upset when our commission was going to be the same because I was the sales force. I was the one making the sale. I was the one closing the deal. I, I, I.

He sat me down and he was like, “Chill. There is no I in team. You might be making the sale, but then I’m training them on how to run the gym. The marketing director is training them on how to market their business. If it wasn’t for the three of us being a team, then that person wouldn’t be getting what they needed in order to accomplish what they needed to accomplish within their business and their franchise.” I sat down to think about it and began to understand what he was saying to me. I was hearing him. I was really hearing him.

Then I was going to the Kabbalah center and I was learning about ego. It all was starting to make sense for me. I think this is a lifelong thing that you will always have to work on. You’re always gonna have to keep yourself in check, especially if you are doing something that’s in a public eye or you’re trying to share your work with a lot of people. You will always be put on that pedestal of judgment on whether it’s coming from a place of love or the ego is in play.

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