I am so happy you landed on my page! My name is Shilamida (Chill with a Sh-ill-ahh-mee-dah) I love to smile, make people laugh and celebrate life. I have lived quite the life and the stories I share are inspiring and motivating! If you vibe with me then, we can create magic together! Looking forward to getting to know each other.

hey there!

Hey friends!

Ahhh I am soo excited!!! It is finally here! 50 Shades of Shilamida – The Podcast where nothing is off the table!

On this inaugural episode, I share with you my journey and story of manifestation, mindset, and living an abundant and free life. 

Freedom, family, and fun are some of my core values, and this podcast is a reflection of that! We will explore every topic, uncensored, unfiltered, and unapologetically!

I believe that we are here to live and embody the fullest expression of who we are. I cannot wait for you to listen.

Let’s face it, I have a lot to say. And over the last two years, the world of social media has started to ban me as a result of me sharing my awakening, loud and proud, so here we are, I have my own podcast, where I can share with you all the things that run through my mind (there are a lot!).

You’re likely wondering why 50 Shades, Shilamida? Anyone who knows me, knows just how multidimensional I am! When people ask me, “What do you do?” I feel like the better question is, what don’t you do? Because at this point, I’ve really done it all.

The very first book that I was going to write was supposed to be called 30 Careers by 30 years old, because I literally had 30 careers by the time I turned 30.

And when I turned 30, I went back to school for acupuncture and started a whole new career. So I am the epitome of anything as possible.

No matter where you are in your life, no matter what you’re doing right now you have the power to change it all you have the power to start over.

If you’re reading this, or listening to this and thinking, I’m in my 30s, I’m in my 40s I’m in my 50s life is already over, I’m here to give you a newsflash! Your life is only just beginning.

I’ve already lived all the things that I’m going to live, but I’m about to be 43 years old (my birthday just passed last weekend!), and I feel like my life is just getting started.

Who am I? What are my 50 Shades, you ask?

Well, I was born in Ukraine, and I came to the United States when I was six months old. So I really consider myself to be American. I lived in the Bronx, New York for the first five years of my life. And then we moved to Jersey, and I’ve called it home ever since.

As much as I loved growing up here, I do not love what’s happening here now. And I think it’s time for a shift and a change. And I just need to be by the ocean in the sunshine and be the sun goddess that I am.

For those of you that have been following me for a while, you know that I am also known as the Goddess of Gratitude. Gratitude has really shifted and changed my entire life. I owe everything to learning about gratitude. Fifteen years ago, I was living on food stamps and was in a really bad place in my life. Cultivating gratitude really shifted and opened me up to a whole new knowing.

I am a Projector by Human Design, which really opened up a lot for me. There was a time when others thought of me as a know it all, and I felt like I was too much, too intense etc. That was the story I told myself for all those years. I would shame myself and give myself a really hard time about the things that I knew. But understanding and knowing my human design has been the most liberating experience ever. I am stepping into my power now. And I know what I know and I know what I know to be true. And most often I am spot on with my thoughts and my thinking. tend to trigger people because people are just not ready for me because I’m ahead of my time. The awakening will never be televised.

The reason why I called this podcast 50 Shades of Shilamida is that prior to 2020, all I did was talk about gratitude and positivity and love and light and Kumbaya and rainbows. However, once 2020 happened, it brought out a different side of me. It brought out my anger, my passion — a side of me that people didn’t know about. People weren’t used to it, they had me on this pedestal of perfection, right? Because I live this grateful, positive, uplifting life. They thought that I couldn’t have a bad day that I couldn’t get mad, or sad, or yell about things that frustrate me. So this podcast will incorporate all the things, we’re going to talk about everything here. Because let’s face it, we only share the highlight reel on social media. So in recording this podcast, my goal is to leave an imprint of all the things that matter. And sometimes we’ll go back and we’ll revisit things, but we’re going to talk about politics, world events, manifesting, how to change your life, diet, race, LGBTQ, we’re going to talk about it all. And I’m going to let you know how I feel about it. And I want to know how you feel about it.

My core values are freedom, family, and fun. And the greatest freedom that I’ve acquired over these last couple of years is really being able to live an anxiety-free, fear-less life. And I know for a lot of you listening, you might think that’s impossible. It’s like impossible to live an anxiety-free life, but it’s not. Everything is possible. And I am here to defy the impossible because the evidence of my life really shows me that I’ve done things. I’ve taken chances. I’ve owned many businesses. I’ve owned brick-and-mortar businesses, played in the MLM world, and am in the direct marketing world now. I was a licensed acupuncturist for the last 10 years of my life. I am a holistic healer. I do everything holistically. I think that there is a time and a place for medicine. But the more that I learn, the more that I become, the more I realized that we actually don’t need medicine. Now, if you break a bone, I can’t really help you. So that’s when medical intervention is necessary. I feel that our body and our mind are so powerful, we are able to heal ourselves from everything with the right information, with the right diet, with the right nutrition, and with the right mindset, right? It all comes back to mindset. Who are you? And what do you believe in? And how do you talk to yourself? And have you faced your inner child? Have you faced the demons of your past? Have you gone into past lives? Have you done any shadow work? Have you learned about yourself, learning about human design has been the greatest gift of my life?

So I’m hoping by being here with me by listening to me that I inspire you to really look at your programming because we are all programmed. When you examine life from a different lens, you’ll realize that some of the stuff that’s happening in our life isn’t actually happening to us. It’s happening for us because of the way that we were brought into this world to fulfill our soul contracts. So I truly believe that prior to us coming, earthbound that we created a contract with the universe. And in creating that contract with the universe, we already know everything that we’re supposed to accomplish. We even know the bad things that are going to happen to us while we are here. And we agreed to those things because we know that when we get to the other side, we’re going to get to live in eternal happiness. That doesn’t mean there isn’t drama that infiltrates into my life. That doesn’t mean that my children don’t have issues or that my partner doesn’t have issues, right? We all have issues. But the thing is, is that we learn how to strengthen our emotional intelligence over time, right?

So 15 years ago, when I was living on food stamps, there was no way I would be able to handle the life that I’m living now. I sought to be a millionaire, which I’m still trying to accomplish on my own. And I realized now that the expansion of who we are has to be so big in order to hold that kind of wealth, right? And I consider myself to be one of the wealthiest people alive, not because of the money that’s in my bank account, but because I am living in total abundance and flow, right? Every single part of my life is abundant. I manifested the Greatest Love of All Time, my partner adores me, it makes me so emotional because there was a time that I thought that I couldn’t be loved, or that I didn’t deserve a love like that. Because the programming told me that I was supposed to get married by 25, and have a house have a white picket fence. And here at 25, I was nowhere near getting married. I was nowhere near being even settled. In my mind. I was actually a pretty hot mess at the age of 25. We shame ourselves because we’re not keeping up with what society told us we needed to do. And the truth is, is that who the hell decides, right? And we’ve grown up having this perception of what we think we’re supposed to do, what we’re not supposed to do, how we’re supposed to fit into society. But a lot of people feel really lost in that. And that, for me was 100%, I felt so lost in fitting in. Because I didn’t come here to fit in, I came here to break down the paradigms of our past and help to rebuild a new society.

I don’t want you to put me up here and think that you can never reach me because I started down here. There was a time when I was on food stamps, I didn’t think that there was enough money in the world for me to be rich. I grew up knowing that money was bad people that had money were bad, right? So I never thought that I would be the one that actually had money. But I had this knowing that I was just meant to live a much greater life than I was living. And I really wanted to hook into that. And I did. And I’ve created this amazing, magnificent life. And part of the reason is that I don’t just manifest I actually take action, right? I reached out to an old patient of mine, who’s also on my team for Pure Haven. And I asked how she was doing, and she said, “You know, I don’t want to go back to teaching in September, I really am manifesting something to happen.” So I offered to host a party with her. She said, “I’m just so scatterbrained, I can’t do it right now.” And I said to her, “You know, manifesting is only a tiny piece of the puzzle, you actually have to take action when things come toward you in order to really get to that next level, right? If you continue to do the things that you’re doing it day in and day out, and you think you’re going to have a change, it’s never going to happen for you.” Like, for instance, when I was told to go to acupuncture school, I didn’t even really know about acupuncture. I had heard it once prior. And then I met my girlfriend who was an acupuncturist, who told me that if I was on a spiritual journey, I had to go to acupuncture school. At the time, I was so open to receiving and I really wanted to shift into change. So I went to acupuncture school, and I met with the dean, and he asked me if I had any questions, and I really had none, because I didn’t even know what I was getting myself into. And then I went to the bursar’s office. And the bursar office told me that acupuncture school was $55,000. Remember, I was a single mom living on food stamps, I didn’t have like money to buy lunch, forget about $55,000. And so I called my friend and I’m like, this is a really expensive spiritual journey you sent me on. And she said to me, “Just do it, you’re gonna figure it out. And it’s going to change your life. You’ll make your money back in the first year.” And she was 10,000% right. And I’m so grateful for that moment. I’m so grateful for every single moment that has led me up to here in hindsight, I can show you every single pivot that has brought me to this moment now and I’m super excited to be here with you to talk to you, to connect with you and to really help you live out your best life. Because that’s what we’re all here for. When I stopped comparing myself to other people, that’s when the real freedom began.

So I want to thank you for being here with me today. I love you. Thank you for being with me and I hope that you have an amazing day!

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e001. 50 Shades of Shilamida – Meet The Woman Behind The Brand


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Hey friends! Ahhh I am soo excited!!! It is finally here! 50 Shades of Shilamida – The Podcast where nothing is off the table! On this inaugural episode, I share with you my journey and story of manifestation, mindset, and living an abundant and free life.  Freedom, family, and fun are some of my core […]

e001. 50 Shades of Shilamida – Meet The Woman Behind The Brand