Disney Magic and Gratitude Magic

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I am a true believer that there are no coincidences, so why should my trip to Disney be any different? A few weeks ago, I realized I had a business trip scheduled for the same weekend as my middle guy’s 4th birthday. I am a huge believer in celebrating life and making big deals out of birthdays, so when the realization hit me that I would not be around, it made me feel so bad! And what could make that mom guilt a thousand times worse? Knowing that my business trip was at the Disneyland hotel in California!

I begged my lover to come with me and bring the kids, but I understood that he did not want to fly all the way to California with 2 toddlers and a 10 year old, to have me occupied for the entire weekend. So I decided that I was going to take a little mini vacay during teacher convention weekend. My plan was to head down to Fort Lauderdale and catch a couple of pool and beach days in with the family. When my lover informed me that he could not go, I decided to re-route my trip to Orlando and take the kids on a Disney cruise.

On the way to Disney, the morning of, I had a pretty emotional day due to some reactive behavior that caused a lot of turmoil in one of my social media groups. It made me feel doubt , sadness and anxiety. I just released my book, 31 Days of Gratitude a week ago and it seemed as though the haters came out with it. By the time I got to Florida, I felt better as a lot of people rallied for me and came to my defense. On the Disney cruise, all the messages and signs were so clear.

Walt Disney is so inspiring! Every show was about believing in yourself and believing in magic! I BELIEVE! I really do. I feel that we are all instilled with the power of magic if we believe. I believe that we all can create miracles and live the life we desire! I needed this time to disconnect, a little, and go back to the magic of being a kid in a Disney setting!

I am grateful for time away! I am grateful for bonding time with my kids. I am grateful for magic. I am grateful I believe. I am grateful the Universe always provides for me. I am grateful I have been given these tools. I am grateful I am supported. I am grateful for true friendships, I am grateful for those who have my back! I am grateful that everything passes by. I am grateful that I don’t react. I am grateful that I know better. I am grateful that I inspire!

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Believe! Believe that you deserve to be happy! Believe that you are supposed to have anything you want. Believe that you can change it all any moment! I believed and here, from single mom on food stamps to typing this blog in first class with my kids!      


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