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Decision Quicksand

Want to know a big secret?  Most of our daily decisions don't require much extensive research.

Although you would think this would be detrimental to our growth and harmony, I discovered a study that demonstrated "decisions that are complicated but trivial...cause an inordinate amount of wasted time and unhappiness."  They called this idea Decision Quicksand, because we can get overwhelmed and enveloped in these trivial choices.

Think about it this way.  As with the harmony of the yin and the yang, you can essentially find 2 types of decision-makers.  One will make their decisions once their own criteria are met, and the other only after examining every option.  Studies have shown that the latter expend more time and negative energy reaching decisions, and that they are often laden with anxiety throughout the decision-making process.

In a previous post, Are You Sweating the Small Stuff, I opined "This, too, shall pass, as bad as it feels.”?  For several us, we feel that we are constantly bombarded with the noise of trivial decision. Because of this, you can feel like it's hard to stay on track with a spiritual practice.

Luckily, I've made one decision much easier for you.  Sign up now for a Gratitude Membership or learn more about our Events.  I want to help you the same way that many others have helped me get un-stuck and guide you through daily gratitude exercises and mindfulness practices and help you see your most beautiful self-blossom.

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