Day 40

June 6, 2011 𝐓𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝐚𝐥𝐞𝐫𝐭:
Ben: Hey beautiful. I need to go to Puerto Rico again. Are you in? Me: Do you even have to ask?
Ben: I’ll send you over details shortly. Can I take you on a date tomorrow? Me: yes please and thank you…
Travel would become a big part of our life. Vacation is a word that would be used lightly. In all of my years with Ben, which now is 10, maybe, there’s a cumulative of 1 month that he has not worked.
Every vacation, every trip, every moment this guy is attached to his business. Remember when the grass looks greener?
There’s no rules about phones at dinner. There’s no boundaries on vacations.
Lots of times we look at other people’s lives and we want what they have, but are we willing to put forth the sacrifices of being in that relationship?
Bens obsession with work fueled my fire and allowed for me to excel at what I was good at.
We were both ok with late nights and weird schedules. It worked for us… but I know what I live through everyday would not be ok for the average wife.
Happiness comes from what you are able to tolerate. And for most that level is small and that’s ok. What works for one doesn’t work for all.
The question is are you willing to do what it takes? For you, for us? Are you willing to put forth the effort to make your dreams come true? Or stand by your partner while they pursue theirs? Or are you willing to do none and stay comfortable where you are?
Greatness comes on the other side of fear… Remember that…
40 days!!! Can you believe we’ve come this far?



It is my pleasure to work with you on your emotional, mental, and physical being. I’m here to help you find the balance and connection between your mind, body and soul. We were all brought here for a reason and to fulfill a purpose. It’s time to become the best version of YOU. You deserve it and it is my mission in life to help you achieve that. I truly believe you have the power to create the life you’ve always desired.- and I can help you. I’m looking forward to learning and growing with you! XO Shilamida

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