Day 39

June 5, 2011 Yesterday was everything I could’ve imagined it to be and more. Benjamin meeting Mikey was incredible. Mikey even told me I could have a sleepover with his new friend Benjamin! How convenient for me .
There are so many moments that were complete perfection and there were so many moments that I wanted to run

The choices I made affected my world big time. At this point my friends were already judging me and hard to talk to. My family had a whole lot to say.
Keeping to myself and dreaming of my next moment with Benjamin was the goal. The $300 treatment became a norm. It made my life easier. Treating Ben once a week covered my rent! It gave me room to breathe for the first time in a long time.

I was living in this parallel universe of being so happy then feeling so guilty… But I didn’t want it to end…
It felt so good and then so wrong. How was this my life?
Fast forward to September 2020. We could have never imagined life like this… but I wouldn’t trade him for the world!



It is my pleasure to work with you on your emotional, mental, and physical being. I’m here to help you find the balance and connection between your mind, body and soul. We were all brought here for a reason and to fulfill a purpose. It’s time to become the best version of YOU. You deserve it and it is my mission in life to help you achieve that. I truly believe you have the power to create the life you’ve always desired.- and I can help you. I’m looking forward to learning and growing with you! XO Shilamida

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