Day 27

May 23, 2011 I woke up this morning and today was the day!! Benjamin and I would be in Puerto Rico together!!! Omg!!! I’ve only known this guy 27 days!! Was this real life?
I was getting picked up to go to the airport by a car service. I had never taken a car service before. I was SO excited!!
This was better than any of my dreams could’ve dreamed of.
I got to the airport and he was there! I ran and hugged him so tight!! We had the best time at the airport… Drinking mimosas, laughing, touching…
That JetBlue flight was one for the book. We bought a blanket and well… let’s just say it was a very happy flight.
Like school kids on our anniversary, of course letting everyone who would listen know. People are much nicer to you when they think it’s your anniversary.
When we arrived at the hotel, my mouth dropped. I had never been to a Ritz Carlton before. As we checked in they greeted me, “Mrs. Friedman, welcome to the Ritz Carlton Happy Anniversary.”
Giggling and excited Benjamin turned to me and said, “I love the way that sounds, you will be Mrs. Friedman one day.” Little did we both know it would take 10 years for us to just get engaged. but everywhere we’ve been and I’m called Mrs. Friedman that same smile comes across his face ear to ear all these years.
While we never officially got married, our souls connected the minute we met not all love looks the same.
This was the view of that beautiful room. The second ocean view room of many many more to come.
As soon as we got settled, he kissed me goodbye as he went to work. I jumped onto the bed and was beaming from ear to ear…
Everything that I had asked for was coming true!! Every one of my desires was unfolding before my eyes, but would I be able to handle what was to come?
Was my emotional intelligence enough to hold the guilt and the shame of the truths to come at the end of this week??
Thank you for sharing in these memories with me. Who’s coming back for more tomorrow?



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