Day 21

May 16, 2011 Today was a Monday and I am starting to love Monday’s as I get to see ℎ𝑖𝑚.
He texted me that he would be over shortly. I was so giddy and happy. I couldn’t wait. He showed up and I hugged him so tight.
Me: How was your weekend?
Ben: I thought about 𝑦𝑜𝑢 all weekend long. Me:
Once he came in and sat down I looked at his attire. His jeans looked like they were 1989 Levi’s and his shirt was
stained like the night we were in Miami. I got that embarrassed shameful feeling again. Me: Do you own a lot of clothes
Ben: busts out laughing. Why?
Me: well you wear some interesting things. Ben: still laughing. Let’s go shopping
Me: Now? Ben: Yup
And off we went to men’s warehouse in Paramus, NJ. I had never been to a men’s warehouse before. As we entered a gentleman name Roddy came over in his dapper suit and handkerchief and flamboyantly asked if he could help us. Me: this guy needs an update
Roddy: you’ve come to the right place
He proceeded to walk around the store and grab a whole bunch of things as we made our way to the fitting room. Benjamin has his own personal shopper and I was loving this experience!!
I was literally jumping up and down with every outfit he put on. Telling him how hot he was and what I was going to do to him later in his new clothes (or with the clothes off).
Roddy was so happy he came to work that day. The 3 of us were having the best time and everyone in the store was amused by us as well.
I was on cloud 9. This guy just went and bought an entire new wardrobe because I wasn’t happy. Is this what men were like? Was I missing out all these years or did I just find me a gem?
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