Day 17

May 12, 2011 It was Thursday morning and my phone rang. Ben: Happy Anniversary beautiful
Me: Happy Anniversary
Ben: I have to go to Puerto Rico for business this month. Would you like to come with me? Me: um YES!!
Ben: great, can I see you again today? Maybe another treatment?
Me: YESsssss!!
Ben: I’ll be over soon Me: ok!!!
Swoon did he just ask me to go away? This month?? When? How? Omg!! Doorbell rings… it’s ℎ𝑖𝑚.
I open the door and he puts his big arms around me and kisses me so tight. I just love the way it feels when he holds me.
I treated him and then we had a major make out session. As we were laying in bed, I told him the story of how Mikey and I were cuddling and I said “I love spooning with you” and he said “you are the big spoon mama and I the little spoon.” I turn to Ben and said “you’re the big spoon and I the little spoon”
Ben: forever you’ll be my little spoon Me: swoon
Ben: I have to go
Me: I know . Can I see you tomorrow? Ben: we will see ok?
Me: ok
I walked him out the door and went to my room and found $300 on my dresser I seriously must be dreaming…
Who would’ve known 10 years later we would be 𝑡ℎ𝑜𝑠𝑒 people? But here we are… I wouldn’t change a thing bc the way things happened led us to where we are right now…
I could say I would’ve wanted it to be less painful, more “legit”, not as dramatic… but then my life could be so different. Every moment happens exactly as it should, not the way we think…
Happy Anniversary lover
Day 18 is a pretty special day. What’s going to happen??



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