Are You Sweating The Small Stuff?

Be grateful that you’re alive. If you feel like your life is so down and out right now, that you have nothing to be grateful for, look around the room. Just look around the room that you’re sitting in right now. Be grateful that you have a wifi connection to be watching this video. Be grateful for the electricity that’s above you. Be grateful that you have clean water. Be grateful that you woke up today even though you may not have wanted to.

There’s people who are struggling out there, and their struggles are so much greater than yours. You think that you have it so bad, but you weren’t born into a family that has no food, no shoes, no shelter right now. You weren’t born and put into a situation where you have to live through such tragedy that you’re living out on the street. Whatever it is that you’re going through is going to pass. This, too, shall pass, as bad as it feels.

There’s always something to be grateful for. There’s always some kind of appreciation. If you have food to eat today, you should be grateful for that. Be grateful for water. Be grateful for air. Be grateful that you have clean air. Even though it might be a little polluted, you’re not living in a part of the world where you’re having toxins by what the air that you’re breathing or the water that you’re drinking.

When my dad passed away, that’s the way that I got over grieving him. If you’re grieving somebody right now, every time I would get really sad and think about him, I would think about all of the things that I had with my dad. The love that he gave me. I was grateful for his love. I was grateful for his compassion. I was grateful that I had a dad for as long as I did. I would think about all of the kids that didn’t have dads. I would think about all of the kids who were raped by their dads. All of the kids who were beat by their dads. All of the kids that were put down by their dads. It would immediately take me out of my woe is me.

Grief is okay, but we weren’t all put to live here a hundred years. We all came here to fulfill a purpose and the afterlife is a beautiful place to be because we’re not living here in this reality. Our souls get to be free. Death is sadness for us, but it’s not sadness for the person that died.

Anything that you might be going through right now, there’s always somebody that has it worse. If you can put yourself in that mindset, then the gratitude piece will rise up for you. If you can get yourself in a state of positivity, then you’re going to be able to manifest and attract whatever it is that you want and that you’re looking for.

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