Time to ​​​Manage Migraines with Acupuncture

​Jennifer D


​Shilamida literally saved my life!  I am so grateful to have found her.  Highly recommend her for ANYONE that is struggling with health issues.  Thank you Shil for everything!



What You’ll ​Experience During Th​e  Manage Migraine Treatment

​So many factors can trigger Migraines in my patients - stress, anxiety, excitement, tension, weather, allergies, sound, smell etc. Whether it be emotional, physical or external elements that trigger this ailment, acupuncture can help reduce the frequency, intensity and in some cases cases, eliminate migraines and headaches all together.

Acupuncture stimulates the nervous system to release hormones, such as endorphins, that trigger a response from your body. It moves the Qi (energy) and unblocks any blockages. This immune and circulation to the internal system stimulation, is what relieves migraines and tension headaches.

We will look at all possible triggers and create a plan to ensure to get rid of the head pain for good!

Acupuncture spa

What ​To Do Before ​Treatment

​Make a list of all current medications & supplements, as well as any ailments/pain

Wear loose fitting or comfortable clothing

Eat a light meal or snack before your appointment

Use the restroom before your appointment

What Happens During ​Treatment

​An intake interview of your current overall wellness and goals

Identifying pain points, both physical and emotional

Treatment which lasts 30 - 55 minutes

What ​To Expect After Treatment

​Some lightheadedness may occur due to the extended relaxed state, get up slowly

Discussion around further treatment protocol and scheduling

Recommendations for nutritional adjustments and/or physical activity for heightened benefits

A possibility of placing ear seeds or magnets on the body for a lasting effect after treatment.

About ​​Shilamida

She specializes in treating anxiety, depression, stress reduction, headaches, migraines, and fertility. That doesn’t mean that ​She will not treat back pain, hip pain or other ailments. What it means is that there is always an underlying emotional attachment to pain and ​her goal is to uncover and heal the root of the problem.

​Shilamida got her masters in Oriental Medicine from Eastern School of Acupuncture in 2012. She practices Kiiko Matsumoto Japanese style acupuncture, which is a style of acupuncture that provides instant feedback to the patient.

Why They Recommend ​

 ​Shilamida Health and Wellness

​Most acupuncturists focus on pain reduction and management, but I believe that most pain comes from emotional disruption.  Unless we unblock the energy that is stuck in the body, we will experience pain and disease. That’s why I specialize in stress, anxiety, depression, migraines and fertility.

I dig deep with my patients, unblocking the pathways to health, wealth and abundance in all areas of mind, body and spirit. We look at nutrition, life habits and create a plan for you to succeed in health and life.

Take a look at what my patients have to say about my treatments and how I have helped them below! I look forward to meeting you soon!



Shilamida acupuncture and wellness is not your average escape into the world of eastern medicine. It is positive, welcoming and inspirational. You will be eager to make your next appointment.



​Shilamida’s acupuncture practice has changed my life. I’ve spent over four decades living with debilitating migraines but she changed all that. Shilamida treats you, not  your pain. She takes time and  listens to you in order to get to the root of  what is causing dis-ease in your body. I left my first acupuncture session with relief  from pain and a clearer understanding of my body, nutrition and how to be proactive in living a healthy, pain-free life.  Thank you Shilamida!

​​Celia K


​Shilamida acupuncture and wellness center has become part of my monthly routine... not just for back and shoulder pain but because of the inspirational messages and positive outlook on life. Shilamida was a Godsend to me and I would recommend her to all who are looking for some time, some help and some love.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve your ​Well Being!