8 week Lifestyle Upgrade

​A Total Health Transformation Challenge

​We start March 1

Let me take you on a journey with me guiding you EVERY.STEP of the way!


My name is Shilamida and at my heaviest I weighed 255lb. That was a 100lb weight gain from my first pregnancy that was induced by anxiety and depression from the loss of my father 3 months prior to finding out I was pregnant with my ex-boyfriend’s baby. ?

I ate pizza at least 5 times a week. I would bake trays of brownies and eat half at night and finish the rest for breakfast. I thought a “healthy” option was an egg white and cheese on a gluten free English muffin. (It was 2 points on WW ?)

If you sent me to a supermarket, I didn’t know what Kale even looked like. In acupuncture school I started t​o learn the energetics behind food. The importance of fruit and vegetables. 

It took commitment. It took healing. And a lot of self love to lose the weight with ease and keep it off for good! Before I knew what I know now, I tried for 5 years to take the weight off with every diet and pill known to man.

This is not a weight loss program

This is a total health transformation

​ A lifestyle upgrade!

*We will talk about mindset

*how to deal with stressors

*Create avenues of replacing emotional eating with productive activities 

*Learn about Qi (energy)

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What’s included:

*Shopping Lists 

*Private Facebook group with daily accountability 

*4 group coaching calls on zoom 

*4 Facebook Lives 


*Total Health revamp from inside out!

*Sample meal options

*Food tracker guidelines 

*Vitamin and mineral education 

*Goal Setting in life

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