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July 5, 2021

Day 44

June 10, 2011 This morning I woke up and could only think about Ben. This life that I called in. For 2 1/2 years I was single. Longing for what it would be like to be a trophy wife. To have a a man who is emotionally stable, financially stable and mentally stable to take me shopping and to fancy dinners... and at the same time that I was dreaming of that, I had other dreams of being a successful healer and spiritual leader. To have a thriving business. I had so many dreams... I had so many desires And now in 44[...]

Day 43

June 9, 2011 Today we were driving down the shore to see π‘œπ‘’π‘Ÿ beach house for the summer. Ben’s car pulled up and I could’ve squealed I was π‘ π‘œ excited to see him and go down the shore. Literally, for the last 3 years I was manifesting a beach house. Laying in my bed at night. Thinking about all the things I was grateful for and dreaming of the beach. I ran outside... And he got out of his car to greet me. I ran to him and we β„Žπ‘’π‘”π‘”π‘’π‘‘ π‘Žπ‘›π‘‘ π‘˜π‘–π‘ π‘ π‘’π‘‘. It alwa[...]

Day 42

June 8, 2011 My beach house manifestations were about to come true!! Ever since I moved back to Fair Lawn when I got pregnant withMikey I was π‘‘π‘Ÿπ‘’π‘Žπ‘šπ‘–π‘›π‘” of moving down the shore. In my acupuncture school days, I imagined opening a practice by the beach. I figured once I graduated, I would move down south and start over, but instead the universe brought me north. The last exit in NJ north! Loll As I was scrolling through FB a friend had posted about renting out her beach house!! 2 bedroom, u[...]

Day 41

June 7, 2011 I woke up to a beautiful day and a text message: Ben: Good Morning Sunshine Daydream. Is Mikey at his dads tonight? Me: Yes! Ben: Can I take you on a romantic date? Me: A romantical date ??? Ok!!! Ben: I’ll pick you up at 5 Me: Lol the early bird special? Ben: yes!! This was our very first date together alone in NJ. We spent a lot of time together but never an actual date until tonight. Le Jardin is where we dined and as you can see, I had never had a meal like this is my life. I didn’t even[...]

Day 40

June 6, 2011 π“πžπ±π­ 𝐚π₯𝐞𝐫𝐭: Ben: Hey beautiful. I need to go to Puerto Rico again. Are you in? Me: Do you even have to ask? Ben: I’ll send you over details shortly. Can I take you on a date tomorrow? Me: yes please and thank you... Travel would become a big part of our life. Vacation is a word that would be used lightly. In all of my years with Ben, which now is 10, maybe, there’s a cumulative of 1 month that he has not worked. Every vacation, every trip, every moment this guy is att[...]

Day 39

June 5, 2011 Yesterday was everything I could’ve imagined it to be and more. Benjamin meeting Mikey was incredible. Mikey even told me I could have a sleepover with his new friend Benjamin! How convenient for me . There are so many moments that were complete perfection and there were so many moments that I wanted to run away. The choices I made affected my world big time. At this point my friends were already judging me and hard to talk to. My family had a whole lot to say. Keeping to myself and dreaming of[...]