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August 2017

Hurricanes & Disasters, Do they bring out your best or worst?

In light of what’s happening down in Texas with Hurricane Harvey, it prompted me to remember Hurricane Sandy in NJ back in 2011. I remember it like it was yesterday. All the warnings on the news stations, never thinking it would be that bad, as in my lifetime I could not recall a tragedy such as the one we were about to experience. I was an acupuncture student at the time and a massage therapist. I had just met my soul mate a few months prior, so life was pretty good for me. I was really working my spirituality[...]

Thomas Land – Edasville – Dino Land {Shilamida Travels}

This was an all summer planned yet last minute trip to Thomas Land. Who has  ever even heard of this little gem tucked away in Carver, Massachusetts? My kids have been begging us to go for months because of commercials that they had been seeing. We have been dreading this trip all summer because it is about 4 hours from Bergen County, NJ with 2 stops. In the 6 ½ years that I have known my lover, this is the first trip that we have winged it! I was calling hotels on the way up for a room, secretly I don’t thin[...]

Cultural Differences

Perception, Consciousness, Cultural Differences; Limited Beliefs – How does it really affect us? Growing up in a Russian family, boy was life different than everyone else I knew. When I was just  5, my parents would leave to go to work before I even woke up. My 10 year old brother would wake me up, help me get dressed and walk me to school. He was the same person that would come pick me up when the bell rang and walked me home until our parents got home at a dark hour of the day. We did not have dinner toget[...]

Quiet the Outside Noise. What does that even mean?

In response to the recent happenings in our country, I was prompted to blog about quieting the noise. I couldn’t even tell you the details of what exactly just happened in the US because I made a vow to myself many years ago, to quiet the noise around me and to stop watching and engaging in anything that is negative. The number one thing I did, was stop watching the news! That’s right. I used to live in a great state of fear and anxiety. I don’t even know why. What I do know is everytime I watched the news[...]

Solar Eclipse/Mercury Retrograde; Are you losing it or is it universal?

Have you been experiencing a crazy week? Has stuff been breaking? People acting strange, more cranky, on edge? Relax! It’s not just you! That’s right. All of this stuff happening in the cosmos very much affects our everyday life. If you are even semi-sensitive, you are being affected! Don’t worry, there is an end in sight, September 5th! The last couple of days have been so off for me! Friday night I lost my keys while I was at the hair salon and on Saturday when they were found and I went to go get them;[...]

The signs around us; Are you listening? I finally am!

  In my gratitude I am always asking for signs and messages to help me know if I am on the right path, truth be told I am not always listening. I get clouded by the every day, as I am sure most people can relate. I am also asking and grateful for supportive friends and colleagues to help me on my path. Recently I have had some issues with hiring and retaining the right staff. For the last 3 years I have always blamed the people that I hire. Must be something wrong with them… until last week. I finally real[...]