10 Steps & Immune boosters to Ward Off Corona Virus

Here are my 10 tips on how to build up your immune system and ward off the Coronavirus and any other virus, for that matter! Let’s face it– there are things a lot worse than the Coronavirus. We can fight this! The media only wants you to know what they want you to know, and right now that’s how many people are dying or ill. They haven’t spread the news that people are also surviving this virus.

The truth is, we are surrounded by disease and really contagious things everyday! We just don’t know it, so we don’t worry about it.

We need to be proactive, not reactive, and while I am sure you could use and extra few rolls of toilet paper, what you really need is immune boosters! You need immune boosters! These are what are going to protect you against viruses and germs that are in the air!

Follow these 10 steps to ward off all the germs!

  1. Elderberry!It is easy to make at home or buy it at your regular store. I like the brand Gaia because it doesn’t have honey in it, which makes it good to use for babies. I like to take this when I know I was around a lot of people or feel the sickies coming on. This should not be taken daily.
  2. Zinc50 mg when you are feeling run down kicks your immune system into gear. I like to use the brands Thorn and Pure Encapsulations. This will help your immunity skyrocket!
  3. Liposomal Vitamin CThis can be taken on a daily basis. This is a gel that can be thrown into your drinks. Make sure you don’t take too much, or it’ll cause diarrhea!
  4. Probiotics70% of our immune system lives in our gut. This helps repair the live bacteria in our stomachs and help our immune systems stay strong. Change your strand every 6 months so you don’t become immune to them. I like Klair Labs Probiotics. Don’t buy it from CVS! They are best when they are refrigerated in a glass bottle.
  5. Essential OilsYou can diffuse them, put them on your body, take them internally, use them as cleaning products, and so much more!  Make sure you buy a high quality essential oil.
  6. Stop eating processed foods! Especially in the winter when our immunity is down. These foods lower our immune systems, so with a clean diet, you can boost your immunity!
  7. Bone BrothThis is an amazing thing to bring into your diet. It is simmered and brewed for 24 hours, unless you have an instapot! The benefits are outrageous for your gut health.
  8. Cut the dairy! It is terrible for you and causes phlegm. It messes with your gut and congests the lungs. Avoid dairy, especially if you are sick.
  9. WASH YOUR HANDS! This one should be self-explanatory and common sense! You are touching everything and everything is dirty! Keep washing your hands and get a high quality soap (think essential oils!)
  10. Stay positive! Stop thinking about the Coronavirus! We are going to get help if we need it. Stock up on the immune boosters, that is what will help you!And as always, acupuncture will always build out your immunity! Check out my IGTV ​ for more info on Coronavirus and check out my website for even more! www.shilamida.com

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